Jose Luis Perez Caminero

/ VIDEO: ATLAS new Atletico Madrid coach was introduced at the Calderon. He recalled his previous passage through the rojiblanco club without considering it a failure. You are not framework specific challenges, only increase the slat and what has been done this campaign. Gregorio Manzano, who was introduced as coach of Atletico Madrid, conveyed a message of confidence in their work, the fans said that it won’t disappoint the rojiblancos followers at this new stage in front of the team and stressed that he does not think the word failure. Just tell the fans to trust me, that I will not deceive or to defraud. This athletic will be a strong, powerful team that will try to make good football. Now begins a new idea, a renovated athletic enthusiasm, youth and players who want to be protagonists in the world of football, said the technician, accompanied by Enrique Cerezo and Jose Luis Perez Caminero, President and sporting director of the club, respectively.

Atletico is and It will be large by history and is the mirror in which we have to look at us. The present is going to be pretty. I believe in me, in my work and in my working group, continued the coach, who started a new career in the club, after first passing through the rojiblanco bench in 2003-04. I see it as a work full of life and hope, along with a young staff, excited and hungry as a whole. I don’t think anything negative, but on the contrary, in building a team to succeed. Let’s make a team competitive, balanced and that we are going to give many evenings of joy to the fans. None of pessimism, negativity or disadvantages, he added. Manzano, who recalled that his previous step by Atletico, in the 2003-04 season, was not a failure (when I arrived it had been classified in the place twelve and the team with me was seventh, reviewed) felt that currently it is not a difficult time in the club, but he sees it as a nice and interesting.