Gradually loses its independence, reaching neglected herself: not taken time off for your leisure, abandons its hobbies, comes out with its friendships, etc. and just paralyzed, for long years, their life projects. CHANGES that are produced in your life when we are responsible for the care of a family member sick occur in our life a series of short and long-term changes: changes in family relations (new tasks, conflicts), changes in work and the economic situation (absenteeism, abandonment, increase in expenses,) changes in leisure time (decrease in time spent on leisure(, family, friends, ultimately, ourselves) changes in health (fatigue, sleep disorders), changes in the State of mood (guilt, concern, sadness, anxiety,) for the family: signs of the disorder it is important that family members and friends of the primary caregiver are aware of a number of symptoms that may be signs of the presence of the disorder: aggressiveness against the other tension against supporting carers (not serving the patient correctly) impatience with the patient denial of its actual state progressive isolation demotivation depression fatigue anxiety continued oppression psychosomatic disorders (feels overwhelmed by the situation) feelings of guilt. SYMPTOMS of physical symptoms disorder primary caregivers tend to have poorer health than the members of the family not caregivers and are at risk for increased incidence of organic and physiological problems such as (Gallant and Connell, 1998;) Schulz and cols, 1995; Webber and cols, 1994): 1 – disorders Musculoskeletal and associated headaches 2 – cardiovascular pathologies 3 – 4 gastrointestinal disorders – alterations of the immune system 5 – respiratory problems however, still suffering from these disorders, do not usually go to medical consultations. Likewise performed less care of own health behaviors, such as not getting enough sleep, eating improperly, not vaccinated, not exercise, abusing alcohol or tobacco, consume in excess anxiolytics and hypnotics, breaching medical treatments, etc. The psychological symptoms mental health of principal caregivers tends to be more affected than physical health: clinical problems (depression, anxiety, stress, hypochondriasis, etc) psychosomatic problems (headache, loss of appetite, tremor, gastric problems, palpitations, vertigo, unprompted allergies, insomnia, problems with memory and concentration, etc) emotional problems: Although the feelings are something natural in the caregiver are converted into something disturbingbecause a who can’t control them.


How do I tell people, that old are not automatically means to be sick and frail Sisel, Sisel? The name did I ever heard, what’s this? “, I hear that a lot, if I ask these days people, if they know the Sisel. And then I must get very deeply air, to accommodate as much response in my next sentences. Sisel is much? But where I begin with the answer? For the best message of the Millennium? That can halt the aging process with eternity? When I told them recently, then my counterpart objected often, that this is impossible and that we will eventually all old and die. Thus, Resveratrol, the anti-aging means of the future – in the correct form and the right dosage was mind you! -waved. Bye n. “Until recently I thought then: blame themselves” and have more than a little (much) specifies that I am fitter with my 50 years as of 30, grow my hair like I’m 20 and Eternity and 3 other Sisel products in a half year 20 pounds taken off have, without dieting! One of my interlocutors has resented its so, that she was really angry and told me that I was quite common. Phew, that was sitting, she had it right.

So I went with me to the Court and have reconsidered my attitude to my environment. What good is me there, when I’m alone getting old on next floor without disease, without pain and impairments, but my environment with all known effects of aging has to fight? What it benefits me, I asked myself, ultimately for me to keep my knowledge? How much sense does this selfishness? The answer was obviously, my attitude was stupid enough that I wanted to quickly throw them overboard. So I had but still not the problem, as I could continue talking with people who knew exactly after the first two sets, that eternity guarantees will not work.


All this leads us to think about the following: to what continue prescribing only meal plans, diets or regimes? What will be then what will have to prescribe the person really can learn to control your weight? Therapeutic education;! put another way, weight Control programs based on the integral improvement of guidelines and lifestyle. The difficulty is that it is not uncommon, when it should be than usual, and you know very well from my own experience. Own health professionals start out with a limited view of reality (dietitian only speaks of power, the only doctor speaks disease, the only psychologist talks about mental, and who speaks of everything at the same time). It is one our responsibility and professional ethics not be limited in the old approaches and expand our vision of reality. Means that the person with kilos of rating must be aware of all the a set of factors, but your responsibility is also to be well informed to make elections smart when it comes to learning how to lose weight eating Final Conclusion: slimming eating already.!! Not by more diets, you’ll go further, I assure you. How much more regimes do, it will be harder you learn to control your weight. The paradox to learn how to control your weight, is that you will have to first forget about dieting, and secondly, just lose weight.

You have to expand your view, you have to see the forest and not just the tree. And hence it is essential that the professional method that will help you also split from a broad perspective of reality. If you want to get different results, you will have to do different things, although they go against your expectations. And you’re broader than your old beliefs. Don’t let them will dominate you. To know more about how to lose weight eating without living to diet, join now free program NutriSpa slimming & Dr. Delgado.

Drug-Free Insomnia Treatment

There are many people who suffer from occasional insomnia, which can be caused by stress or too much caffeine. But the treatment of other types of insomnia, chronic, must be necessarily more complex – not enough to stop taking coke or passing the examination period to recover the much needed sleep. It is necessary to recognize the symptoms of chronic insomnia before you can treat it. Most people have to face sleep deprivation, but this can occur in a variety of ways. You may affect the most common type of insomnia, when you can not fall asleep at bedtime, or perhaps you wake up at night unable to go back to sleep.

Other people may seem to sleep well but the next morning rested not rise because the quality of your sleep is not acceptable. Chronic insomnia and its symptoms can be addressed in different ways. Many people think first treatment of insomnia with drugs, but need not be the case – a treatment natural can get the same results in a less harmful. You can think your stress level as the beginning of the treatment of insomnia. You feel stressed or not, you can benefit from relaxation techniques to calm down before bed.

You can start by taking a hot drink, tea perhaps (not exciting) and then change your clothes loose and comfortable, sit with your eyes closed and breathe deeply. Focus on your breathing and nothing else. This technique reduces heart rate and makes you better prepared bed situation. . You need the right amount of calm, light and comfort to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep. You try not to get any light in the bedroom at night, although it is good that between the morning light through the window. Your sleeping place should not have any noise, although it may be inevitable to hear something from other rooms of the house. The temperature should always be moderate so you do not wake up either by heat or by cold. A visit the doctor may be necessary if none of these techniques has succeeded in improving your chronic insomnia. The need to confirm whether or not medical treatment for your condition.

Cancer Treatment In Israel

Doctors recommend that all over the world to pass a full medical examination of the body each year, and persons over 40 need to be tested is mandatory. After all, it is no secret that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Leading Doctors at the Israeli conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the organism with the most modern equipment and the most accurate methods. If you have found the cancer, do not panic and do not despair. Modern medicine cure cancer, not only in the early stages, but in a more progressive forms. In modern medicine, many cancer treatments. In most cases, one method of treatment is surgical operation. When operations removed a cancerous tumor and some tissue of the affected organ to prevent the development metostaz.

Can remove the entire organ, it all depends on the stage of disease. Surgery is not enough, if the tumor has grown and has given numerous metostazy. Surgery is usually combined with radiation and chemotherapy. Modern equipment irradiate only the affected area swelling, with other bodies practically not affected. The clinics Israel irradiation process controlled by a computer, directing the rays only in the place of defeat.

Computer as shortening the exposure time and makes the procedure very effective. Experience and the highest level of Israeli doctors and medical technologies used in Israel for quality and efficiency are not inferior to hospitals in Europe and America, and by some measures even surpass them. Israeli clinic offering specialized medical care for patients with cancer in Russia and CIS countries. You can also ask questions and get advice leading oncologist Israel for free, as well as to apply for examination and treatment of cancer in Israel. In medical centers in Israel, diagnose and treat brain cancer, cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, lung cancer,