The Buddha

It is known that all negative emotion is not only harmful from a point of view, precisely, emotional, but that it also affects our body, in our physical health. On this connection has recently left an article in the magazine Womens Health. When people have grudges or think in situations of revenge, both blood pressure and heart rate increase almost double its normal activity. If one holds these feelings often, and produces these unhealthy States, over time, generates not only stress but they can also trigger cardiovascular damage. However, not everything is so grim and as you might expect, to cause the opposite emotions in oneself, reverses that State in the body: If you think, on the contrary, and imagines that he forgives, rhythms back to normalize.

So now you know not only must not harbour feelings of anger by your own well-being emotional and spiritual – but also for your physical health. I.e. If you give fit to these negative emotions the immaterial and the physicist – you’re sick your two hearts. Definitely we cannot leave us manage by rancor and give way to actions which lengthwise us damage. It is advisable to leave him when one is exposed to any injustice. Hence, that are comment, that it is necessary to understand that you can not turn our day around that resentment.

In the long run, whom bitter life is oneself. Delete the grudge is healthier for ourselves., tells us in this regard, India tradition tells this story of Buddha: El Buda was more awake man of his time. No one understood the human suffering and developed the benevolence and compassion. Among his cousins, the perverse Devadatta, always jealous of the teacher was and tried to discredit him and even prepared to kill him.Some day that the Buddha was walking calmly, Devadatta, in its path, you He threw a heavy rock from the top of a hill, with the intention of ending his life. However, the rock only fell next to the Buddha and Devadatta could not achieve its goal. The Buddha gave account of what happened remained impassive, without losing the smile of the lips.Days later, the Buddha crossed with his cousin and greeted him affectionately.Very surprised, Devadatta asked:-do aren’t angry, Mr?-No, of course that does not.Without leaving his astonishment, inquired:-why?And the Buddha said:-because you’re already that threw the rock, or I am already that was there when I was thrown. It is for this reason that we are told, it seeks to have peace and reconcile you with yourself, try to enjoy our without rancor us dominates or apart from our happiness. Much more damage makes the rancor that the same offense, do not let that you happen.

Fear Response

The crises of panic in people with phobias triggered the alarm, the person begins to feel all the reactions physiological primitive flee or fight, and immediately come to mind catastrophic images. The limbic system reacts to this situation once more, which leads to one further increase in the levels of fear. Breathing is altered, causing changes in blood chemistry. Endocrine glands pumping hormones, such as adrenaline, into the blood. To be confronted with a phobic stimulus, people have an increase in your heart rate and your blood pressure. When this happens, the person perceives a confirmation that their initial symptoms were in fact indicators of serious hazard. A feeling of extreme danger invades the person, whereupon the limbic system returns to react triggering the response of fear, becoming a vicious circle that paralyzes the person. The frontal lobes are responsible for changing the attention aware of one thing to another, according to what circumstances require.

Ability to change the conscious of the frontal lobes attention at will It is severely diminished in anxiety disorders. The primitive system of fear, on the other hand, tends to draw attention to the object perceived as threatening. Forces the consciousness to focus on the object of fear. In the case of phobias, attention is set entirely on the object of the phobia, excluding everything else. It is for this reason that when a person with a phobia is facing the phobic stimulus, his reaction is a very intense fear, despite the fact that the circumstances do not really pose a threat to the person. She sees only what it sees as threatening and magnificent, excluding all the context that could help reduce the feeling of vulnerability and danger.


If you have tried many types of treatments to eliminate hemorrhoids then you can understand the differences among these. In this article, I’ll delve into each of them, I explain how they treat hemorrhoids or almorrenas and the raw truth about most of them. Different methods, same results. The first treatment, and the most popular are creams which are applied over the area of the straight outer with the aim of decongesting the blood vessels. This leads to a relaxation of tissues causing that these do not swell. Once the tissue is not inflamed, it will be less likely to expand the hemorrhoid. This is excellent for temporary relief, but unfortunately it is practically guaranteed that the tissue will swell. The second type, which is very popular, also in the form of suppositories.

These are inserted into the rectum in order to provide moisture for hemorrhoids and create a lubrication for the next bowel movement effect. The objective is to ensure the healing of hemorrhoids without that these will break again. For some, it works well, others not so much, but worth watching it. The third type are the pills, where one can consume them to regulate the blood pressure of the venous system. This can have side effects, but in general is used to invigorate the venous tissue so that hemorrhoids are less susceptible to cause problems. It’s an approach mainly directed to venous problem that has its benefits, but they can also induce adverse side effects and chemists prefer to recommend this. These three types are the most common and once exhausted these, you still have options such as surgery or cryotherapy. It all depends on each case and what each can tolerate.

In my personal experience, it is best to try first before resorting to more extreme measures safer options. Even if the pain is unbearable, you can get relief through these methods, the problem is that they do not offer a long-term solution. The solution to remove the Hemorrhoids permanently now, should not lose all hope.I have a solution that has pleasantly surprised me to eliminate hemorrhoids. I would like to tell about a completely safe natural treatment that works within a period of a few days. Called the H Miracle system and they can be found on the next page. Thousands of successful cases in alternative medicine have already tested the effectiveness of this treatment. The system includes compounds medicinal, graphics, audio lessons and basically everything you need to eliminate hemorrhoids once and for all. I recommend and simply see the testimonials of users who have had an excellent evolution, even still face severe hemorrhoids, on a permanent basis. Once again, please click here to view the free report.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures in Plastic Surgery. This technique can reduce or increase the size of the nose, reshape the tip or the back of the nose, reducing the opening of the nostrils or change the angle between your nose and lip superior.La Rhinoplasty can enhance your appearance . Before having this surgery think carefully about what your expectations and discuss them with your cirujano.Cuando rhinoplasty is performed by a plastic surgeon, complications are infrequent and minor. However, as surgical procedure, the possibility of complications such as infection, bleeding nose or anesthesia reaction. You can minimize these risks if you carefully follow the instructions your doctor gives you both in the preoperative postoperatorio.Cuando rhinoplasty is performed in closed form (inside the nose) are not visible scars.Open rhinoplasty a small scar barely visible at the base of the nariz.Una Good communication between you and your doctor is essential. In the initial consultation the surgeon will ask as you would like to see her nose, examine its structure and the face, and discuss with you what are the surgical options. It will explain what are the factors that may influence the procedure and its results. These factors include the structure of the nasal bones and cartilage, the shape of the face, the thickness of the skin and especially its expectativas.El surgeon will also indicate the type of anesthesia used, the location perform the intervention and costos.Es important that you be frank / ca with your doctor. Tell if you have had previous surgery on the nose, if you have had nasal trauma or fractures, no matter how old (many years).It is also important to mention if you have trouble breathing, if you have any allergies, if you smoke or take vitamins or anesthesia is localProcedimientoLa medicamentos.La rhinoplasty intervention lasts one to two hours, however in some cases can last longer . During surgery the skin of the nose is partially separated from their supports bone and cartilage, to be shaped into the desired shape. Modeling depends on the problem you have and / or technique used by surgeons. Finally the skin is recouples the armaz n.Cuando his new role ends, nasal packing and a cast will be placed to avoid amending the implemented changes. During the first 24 hours you will feel the slight pain swollen face and nose level.You may remove any discomfort with analgesics cirujano.Usted telling you notice is the swelling and burning around your eyes will increase from the beginning, reaching a peak on the second day (remember that the day of surgery is Zero Day ). Apply cold compresses can reduce swelling and make you feel a little better. These symptoms should disappear in a slight nosebleed semana.El can occur normally in the first 2 days postoperatively. The nasal packing will be removed the day after surgery or a day later and this will make you feel more comfortable. At the end of the first week, the cast is removed. You may return to duty within a week. But it will take several more weeks for you to feel the fullness of their powers.Over two to three weeks, avoid extreme activities (swimming, jogging, push ups, leg lifts, weight training, intense sexual relations or any activity that increases blood pressure). Avoid sunlight, rubbing and blowing nariz.Si you wear contact lenses, start using them as soon as you feel comfortable.