Commander Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias Opposition

They are placed fingers, contrary to what the dictator does. A day full of joy, tails it dawned on the streets both vehicles and people, who were directed to fulfill a sacred function, the choice of their representatives to the governorates and municipalities. This product that issued this order, the dictator in the expressed sense, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias. Now have the opposition which change this little word of dictator, to one that will equally have to rummage in the dictionary, that sense that you wanted to give to the word dictator, conforms to the dictate conduct healthy that they will for the benefit of the Republic not of Governor de facto. Today we must ask that work for the Republic and opposition to wait patiently, if it is your turn, gets to dictate the orders of a constitutional mandate, not be offending, denigrating, creating anxiety among his supporters, who see a serious fact, which makes doubt among them, of the existence of an effective law in the exercise of their participationelect their representatives before these elections. Stop be being directed by the Empire, who only made the people are of account and loathes them. They make policy with the liver. We do not see the opposition any kind of activity that indicate that they going in the direction of a serious, respectful term of rights of his supporters, to the contrary we see how prevails the available signaling (which is indicated by the index) in the heads of these parties.

The PSUV gave a veredera class and of course our Commander Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, came out strengthened, not only nationally, but on the outside, who should take these messages, so that they are applied in their countries, always for the benefit of a more serious, more respectful and more decent humanity. I practiced my sacred duty and right, on a morning fresh, full of joy and enthusiasm, from now on, example of a country full of assurances and where was my social control. Health who dictates what is good and constructive, health this dictator!. Health to Venezuela, which today represents a country example, overset of participatory democracy.

Consell Insular

They say the numbers just to square the Consell Insular de Menorca in all the popular races that are organized in the island every summer has seen an increase in the participation of 12.5 , which remains in itself an inspiring, really hides the real problem of insular correril shed. I say, that despite the increase, the absolute numbers of participation are laughable, because they must cover a percentage of the population segment they address: healthy people who have no other sport (mainly federal) as the basis of physical recreation. headquartered in Miami, Florida offers health coverage to families across the United States That happens on the island amongst the group of runners and the cyclists. In Menorca (and here the Spanish State is a good mirror) are only good, and do not go by bike would only be able to take those maquinorros cerquita average 30 km / h. What it is like ‘Because I’ve verified empirically: I am a healthy rate and in a form acceptable as it run, swim and ride a bicycle with great regularity, and when I show up at a popular race on the island was invariably between last 5 (when I’m not the red lantern). And I can not even go to training with the Association Cicloturista of Menorca, where I have buddies, because either they are bored or I collapse. Asi es. I say: in Menorca and will only run good bike. A bad (Let’s cut the euphemisms, I’m bad) gives them a terrible objection together with the good and do not try. It seems as if he understood that to play a sport (as healthy) as running or riding a bike in a serious way is indispensable to have a special talent or a very high level of training, and to do wrong, well better stay home. No, not lords! I advocate a different approach to physical activity. I advocate another way of understanding this trend residing with the “officer” can go jogging or pedaling quietly a couple or three times a week, with health in the head, and will always provide at the start line of a career really popular with the idea of running the distance without worrying too much to get a minute before or one after, and looking to enjoy the atmosphere, the people, of travel, sunny day and whatever. Focusing on our own, this type of corridor is unusual in Menorca. They are good, talent and preparation to just over 3 minutes each kilometer run, then the platoon of the way, some pretty well trained but with somewhat less talent, but lack the firing line. Two anecdotes to finish. The first: A family friend, neighbor vacationer many, many years, speaking the other day told me he saw me running down the Paseo de Fornells (I asked him by the fireball that followed me but claims not to have seen). I also acknowledge that running, 8 kilometers a day on tape, in the gym. It runs down the street because it gives cock enza. Second anecdote: A well-known to me for advice. Like to do something. He tells me he’s going to walk an hour every day (he is young). He confesses that his illusion is starting to run, but every time I start it for 10 seconds to look at her because she feels others. Sure you are wondering where is that running with the fat that has the ass. Real, as I tell you. “More examples’