The Professional Profile

Jorge Luis Borges: “The University should insist on the old and into others. If you insist on the proper and contemporary, the University is useless, because it is expanding a function that already meets the press” Latin America needs a commitment to professional development and universities and institutions of the continent are working to form it. Of all the features needed in new graduates, two are truly unavoidable. Let us examine these characteristics and what the new citizen which one needs in the region: 1. We need a graduate with leadership skills: When the strong wind and the storm raging roars threats requires the lifting of leaders capable of driving the boat to safe harbor.

It can be said that the storm threat in the twenty first century to become the most dramatic hurricane that one is aware. It is therefore desirable to have a university leaders forge fit to lead without dominating, driving without subjugating; to govern without pressing, without abuse guide. Latin America has experienced the crossroads of various leadership and all of them have received their inheritance: sometimes good and sometimes bad. Most of the peoples of the mestizo have to bear in their government leaders who do not live for politics as it should be only policy thus neglect their sacred and inescapable duty to serve their people and meet the unhealthy ambition , selfish and dark to satisfy their personal or family projects. The Prussian leader Otto von Bismarck maintained that “the politician thinks of the next election, the statesman, the next generation.” In that sense it is true that the university designed a curriculum which favors the formation of new and transparent leadership underpinned by the desire to serve the communities, to other people, to the present generation and their children and their children’s children. Latin America is waiting for leaders to think about the needs of people and achieve changes occur as expected benefit the development of peoples.

The concern of the whole society, but especially for educational institutions, including universities primarily, must take to strengthen leadership supported by the service, character, commitment and generosity. Thus we find in every corner of every town in every country a better position to fulfill its responsibility to achieve the transformations required to bring about the welfare of peoples. 2. We need a motivated graduate for results: A person, entity, a government, a football team … the whole organization and every individual will be judged in different ways but one aspect will always be more important than all others: the results. They are working. For them is reversed. And they pay. Jesus of Nazareth spoke of its importance when he said: “By their fruits ye shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? So every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. “And the prodigious musician Ludwig Van Beethoven eighteen centuries later reaffirmed this when he said:” Do you need to reach your most fervent desire, and end up succeeding. “In the twenty first century and put the results remove managers, chairmen of boards directives, coaches, vendors and military commanders. The contrast between the proposed goals and achievements are the foundation of any assessment and therefore the University must raise a profile oriented professional achievement, as part of their normal development staff and their competence as a worker.