Beneficial TDP Mineral Lamp Heat

TDP thermal lamps combine knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with State of the art technology TDP heat lamps combine knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with modern technology and are used worldwide in the private and in the medical field, as well as in hospitals and doctor’s offices. The abbreviation “TDP” stands for the Chinese words for “Teding Diancibo Pu”, translated “Special electromagnetic spectrum”. Due to the therapeutic effect are called “China Light” but also short. In the treatment with the TDP lamp, patients feel a pleasant and soothing warmth. These selectively absorbed waves can assist in the healing process to participate such as in muscle and other pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis and skin disorders. In addition, the electromagnetic waves of the heat lamp can strengthen the immune system and stimulate the metabolism.

Sometimes the effect is compared also with a red light bulb, however TDP lamps have a completely different effect than red light lamps. The heart of the TDP lamp is a special mineral plate. On this plate are applied in three layers of certain trace elements and minerals, such as for example lithium, boron, magnesium, phosphorus, fluorine, potassium, selenium, titanium, and antimony. The TDP lamp about this mineral plate unfold their effect. Enabling the built-in heating element, the mineral plate are a special type of electromagnetic waves that correspond in wavelength and intensity of the radiation given off by the body. TDP lamp are now South of the TuV is CE-registered been and thus in Germany and the EEA (European economic area) approved according to 9 MPG as a medical device.

As well, the FDA, the top food and drug administration of the United States, has released the sales. Invented the TDP lamp was discovered in 1978 in China, and the effect of more or less at random. A research group investigated working in a brickworks which enjoyed very good health despite the toughest working conditions and very rarely the good became ill on osteoarthritis, arthritis and rheumatism State of health of workers could be attributed to black loam, located around the kilns. This clay contained a variety of 33 minerals. These minerals are lamps used since in the TDP. Press contact: Mag.


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