Roland Rube And Ariane Kranz In The Talk With Ramona Martiness, Nina Stern, And Wolfgang Ziegler

The stars & stories talk in the current issue of the stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR are the singer of Ramona Martiness, the versatile Austrian singer, presenter and actress Nina Stern, and the musical Evergreen Wolfgang Ziegler guest this week. Ramona Martiness: Your music taste is varied and colorful. And yet the singer of Ramona Martiness has focused on a genre: that of the German Schlager. And she interpreted the pop loose, fresh and cheerful. According to their life motto: “Go your life always step by step and always look forward” is gone they continuously their musical way since the release of their first single. The debut Maxi-CD “All the clouds from the Sun” (PR records), which earned her the first success was released in October 2004.

This was followed by numerous appearances, where she won the audience for themselves with their entertaining program. Although Ramona Martiness so long ago had demonstrated their skills, she was yet at the same time successfully take part in competitions and talent auditions. A further step on the career ladder was with the title “Go where your heart leads you” composed by hit producer Stefan Possnicker (also known as a Schlager singer of Stefan Peters). Then Ramona Martiness took a break to breathe and to draw strength for new musical projects. One of the new projects is the cooperation started in the spring of 2010 with Werner students and Norbert Beyerl of the Munich DAXHILL Studios. There, the current title “pure happiness is to love you” was recorded with Ramona. With this song, a matching piece on the body was written the all-time good good-humoured interpreter that fully meets their temperament.

Embedded in an arrangement that musically narrated by Sun, South and passion, she sings honestly and directly by the fire of emotions. Nina Stern: You founded 2009 together with her husband, Manager and business partner Gerry Seebacher, the music publishing house “Tibi inspiration” and a private Label “Music for the future” and is since then as a Publisher and producer of her songs worked and now unstoppable. As a perfect partner in the recording studio – on the knobs and buttons – she “find home” to executive – producer Martin Kohler. The album “30” was released in the fall of 2009 in the trade and heralded a new chapter in the career of Nina Stern textually, as musical and technical arrangement. Wolfgang Ziegler and his son of Martin de Vries (successful pop producer), is twenty years again searched for and found. Their high level of professionalism they have turned to a strong team. Both are long-time separation of similar wood. The success so far for Ziegler singles post their, (“Crazy”, “Sense of madness” and “Slob”) gives them more than law, to conclude this successful work with an album. With the PR singles: “Awesome”, “everything & now” and “Nostalgia” released Wolfgang Ziegler more songs from his new album: “Everything & now”. On this album, they are all Hit singles and more new titles. The current single by Wolfgang Ziegler is called “Total care”. (audioway,,, The “stars & stories” broadcast dates and repetitions in the overview on: or

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