The Buddha

It is known that all negative emotion is not only harmful from a point of view, precisely, emotional, but that it also affects our body, in our physical health. On this connection has recently left an article in the magazine Womens Health. When people have grudges or think in situations of revenge, both blood pressure and heart rate increase almost double its normal activity. If one holds these feelings often, and produces these unhealthy States, over time, generates not only stress but they can also trigger cardiovascular damage. However, not everything is so grim and as you might expect, to cause the opposite emotions in oneself, reverses that State in the body: If you think, on the contrary, and imagines that he forgives, rhythms back to normalize.

So now you know not only must not harbour feelings of anger by your own well-being emotional and spiritual – but also for your physical health. I.e. If you give fit to these negative emotions the immaterial and the physicist – you’re sick your two hearts. Definitely we cannot leave us manage by rancor and give way to actions which lengthwise us damage. It is advisable to leave him when one is exposed to any injustice. Hence, that are comment, that it is necessary to understand that you can not turn our day around that resentment.

In the long run, whom bitter life is oneself. Delete the grudge is healthier for ourselves., tells us in this regard, India tradition tells this story of Buddha: El Buda was more awake man of his time. No one understood the human suffering and developed the benevolence and compassion. Among his cousins, the perverse Devadatta, always jealous of the teacher was and tried to discredit him and even prepared to kill him.Some day that the Buddha was walking calmly, Devadatta, in its path, you He threw a heavy rock from the top of a hill, with the intention of ending his life. However, the rock only fell next to the Buddha and Devadatta could not achieve its goal. The Buddha gave account of what happened remained impassive, without losing the smile of the lips.Days later, the Buddha crossed with his cousin and greeted him affectionately.Very surprised, Devadatta asked:-do aren’t angry, Mr?-No, of course that does not.Without leaving his astonishment, inquired:-why?And the Buddha said:-because you’re already that threw the rock, or I am already that was there when I was thrown. It is for this reason that we are told, it seeks to have peace and reconcile you with yourself, try to enjoy our without rancor us dominates or apart from our happiness. Much more damage makes the rancor that the same offense, do not let that you happen.

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