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All sorts of persecuted because of justice. Between them, the men and women who have the right to work, to housing worthy, to education, health benefits and a habitable environment. Before laws that are prepared to control immigrants, it is necessary to raise our voice and make party. Not everything is worth by the State, in the name of security, but is as the fruit of Justice that corresponds to a society of free, sharing the conquests of science, techniques, intelligence and effort in equal opportunities men and women. It is not buenismo nor of tolerance.

But accept and understand, share and fly as wings of the same dream. In another memorable article, Maldita hospitality, El Pais (8-3-09), Soledad Gallego-Diaz, promotes the manifest Salvemos hospitality (). The stated the Spanish State loses all etico-juridica legitimacy when it legislates against the essential content of human rights, stripped of aid to people in an irregular situation and aims to intimidate those who exercise the hospitality and the care of the other. Hospitality, probably one of the oldest and most poignant of humanity, concepts writes Soledad, has become a serious misconduct, which the State has to eradicate at full speed. It was clarified that those who dare to host or help immigrants in an irregular situation, namely human beings who have not committed any crime, will be also pursued by the State.

But what matters is not the benevolence with which this section of the Act, but the desecration that assumes his simple statement applies. Desecration is not a religious word. It means disgrace, unworthy of something that is considered respectable use and laws should come into that paragraph. The concept of hospitality was an obligation imposed on humans in ancient times, a way to make them men and women. It was not ever a moral virtue but a responsibility. It is not be hospital because we are good, but because it is an anthropological dimension of the human being. Oppose unjust laws that European countries have launched against illegal immigration is an inalienable right of every citizen. Those most affected by the crisis solidarity, only them today because the homeland is there where we can live well. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the UCM.

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