The Person

What if it cannot hide of we ourselves and of the others the goal that we were called, therefore, would be a treason in relation to next and the Deus.Vivemos in two dimensions human beings, not coincident nor so little opposing and that they must be harmonized. The moral behavior is a good by itself, and a well superior proper health. The virtue must be respected and be loved by same itself and the global good that backwards the person in its interior. Patient relation? society (Sgreccia, 2002): The well personal and rights of the person, either soropositiva or sick it, will have to be composed, therefore, with a common good of the society of the healthy ones. One needs to add that for this purpose is necessary the contribution of the proper patient, which has, therefore, duties stop with the community of the healthy ones.

This type of preventive relation on the part of the patient is part also of the prevention of the illness. Methodology: It was used for the accomplishment of this article searches of the bibliographical type, that takes care of to explain or to question definitive problem being used itself of published theoretical references in documents. A characterized research descriptive is characterized of form where the subject presents information and data, being also considered of qualitative character, therefore this ponders, sopesa, analyzes and interprets given relative to the nature of the phenomena, giving little or no importance the quantitative aspects. The present article that approached the thematic AIDS became fullfilled through search in books, published articles, between 2002 – 2007, using as word-key the following words: ' ' HIV, soropositivas, sociedade' '. The research was carried through between August and October of 2008. Where after study and many searches the research can be concluded. Results and quarrel: The searched authors see the AIDS of similar form, as he can be observed: Janewai, says that ' ' Currently they are known at least two types of HIV, HIV1 and HIV2' '.

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