The Individual

Large movements in pursuit of democracy, social justice, respect for life, respect for ecology, seek to generate a culture of peace. Although initially it was believed that this would solve the real troubling problems that hindered the healthy development of the individual, it wasn’t like that, only achieving a very small improvement. However the creation of hierarchies in the organs, institutions, in society in general, brought about the decline of the oppression of the powerful over the weak, within a context of equity. And the problems of authoritarianism that had lived strongly in the previous period began to dissipate. The nihilistic attitude of this society, has been one of the main factors that can not be a paradigm shift, the fact of denying that human existence has a higher ultimate purpose, is in contrast to the very act of transcendence.

Stagnating the level of conscience of these people that Ken wilber called the Green meme. Not implying that all individuals of this era are at this level of consciousness, since although in the minority but there are those who move in and out of lower memes. Another feature of equal importance in this period is the hedonism, this moralist theory indicates that the ultimate goal of humanity is the pleasure and happiness. This theory has generated a feeling of pleasure satisfied momentarily in humans, thus increasing a vacuum, which every day becomes larger in the interiority of each individual. Creating serious moral, existential, social conflicts, etc. Likewise other pathological aspect of this time is the individualism that characterized by generating a thought that while values were within the discretion of the individual are valid, in this sense not known the existence of universal values. To the enjoy the individual’s autonomy and be your own judge on those individual securities, apparently is not in conflict with its own, done comprising hedonism by his philosophy, but that actually generates a big conflict with society.

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