The Cereal For Long-lasting Saturation

JabuVit low carb Musli full of protein and fiber low carb is one of the most successful diet trends of recent years. The low carbohydrate content in this form of the diet correlates with latest scientific findings that carbohydrates should be not main part of a healthy diet. The low carb Granola from JBuVit General information serves to integrate carb diet also cereals as a popular part of the diet, especially for breakfast, in a low. While the most cereals consist mainly of carbohydrates, succeeded body attack to keep the carbohydrate content of this tasty muesli to less than 10 percent. Instead, other valuable nutrients have been integrated in higher dimensions in this cereal. Product description the carbohydrate content in the JBuVit low carb cereal is located at only 9.8 percent. To know more about this subject visit Heart Specialist. Instead, it is protein with 32.3 percent main part of this cereals. Healthy fats are included to 21.8 per cent, while the proportion of dietary fiber 12.7 Percentage makes out.

This composition, the cereal has a high balance, it supplies the human body with precious ingredients that cause a fast onset and prolonged saturation. In addition, that all contained raw materials are organic. Also was not completely artificial flavours, flavour enhancer, colour, preservatives and sweeteners. Target group definition the JBuVit low carb cereal is suitable for any kind of sport athletes. The high protein content make sure that they can run their muscle most effectively. Also shortens the regeneration time. Health-conscious people are another target group of this cereals because it consists of very health-giving nutrients. The cereal is suitable also for people who make just a low carb diet.

Also no animal proteins are included, even vegetarians and even vegans can enjoy this Granola. Information about taking In principle, the JBuVit low carb cereal any time of day can be eaten. An intake for breakfast, is recommended it should approximately 50 g of cereals combined with 80 g of low-fat milk.

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