After the telemedicine project was included in the strategic plan 2008-2010 FUCS and with the creation of the Office coordination of telemedicine in July 2008, is very pleased to share with the entire University community some of the first steps of telemedicine, specifically in the area of telepathology and Citohistologia and, more exactly in vaginal telecitologia. The scope of the project of telemedicine at the University Health Sciences Foundation trying to reach the level I and level II health institutions and the most vulnerable community, seeking to impact the community focusing on major public health problems that affect our country and each region specified. It is as well as the first service module in which we ended up is Vaginal Telecitologia, because the increase in the incidence of infection by the virus of human papillomavirus (HPV) and its association with cervical cancer has become a public health problem and therefore requires a program Prevention and promotion is there where the PAP as the exam which is suited for your screening and telemedicine as a tool that allows the efficiency and effectiveness in the outcome in a timely manner (1 hour after the sample is taken) improving the percentages of coverage and opportunity in promotion and prevention of this disease in the population. Already we are able to offer the services of TELECITOLOGIA CERVICOVAGINAL to all health entities that require it through the Hospital San Jose and the University children’s Hospital of San Jose, which along with the University Health Sciences Foundation belonging to the society of surgery of Bogota, which since its inception, more than 100 years has had as a mission serving the needy community. To make the proper management of cervical pathologies are working on our second service module, which is the telecolposcopia, since all patients with a positive result in its cytology they require on a priority basis the realization of a colposcopy, this test in our country, it has no coverage and timeliness suitable for being specialists concentrated in big cities. We are also working in our module of Teledermatology, teleradiology and Tele-electrocardiography; that he will very soon be also at the service of the community. Human talent under the coordination of DRA.

Nandy Rodriguez, this activity has been the proactive participation of the scientific area of the Faculty of Citohistologia, in head teachers and Carol Cordoba and Jannette Leon citohitologas, and with the support of its Coordinator Dr. Pilar Archila (pathologist) and Dr. Juan Bonilla (pathologist). In the technology area we have license to use of the PASTEUR-TELEMEDICINE platform of the Group PB engineering ltda ( with those who are currently offering our services. Development is important to highlight that this project (vaginal Telecitologia) It had its origin in a research project of the Faculty of Citohistologia, which was published in the magazine portfolio and which by His Excellency went on to a second phase as a pilot project for the development of tele mode PAP. Technical requirements in telecitologia equipment used in the site’s referral – microscope Nikon eclipse 100 – USB digital camera for microscope – laptop Lenovo R61 – PASTER TELEMEDICINE ( – server and Hosting Management Software ( equipment used at the site of reference two access options: station active in computer or WEB – PASTER TELEMEDICINE ( Management Software – computer with active service station.

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