Tao Polarity

We will here present a vision of the symptom as a translator in the body of the message of the soul and so depart from the law of polarity. Our conscience the understanding based on pairs of mutually exclusive opposites. But beyond this, the reality is unity. The scope of polarity is the self, the unit is being. The unit is all, all-encompassing and the combine opposites. It is not subject to time or space and is immutable. The world of polarity (which we perceive) or maya is constantly changing and is limited by time and space.

And this is so because by law of the supplementary principle, the realization of a pole requires the manifestation of the other. Polarity prevents unit into the concurrency, but time automatically resets the unit because it makes a pole from happening to the other. Thus, the balance of the poles is maintained although in reality there is no time and no changes, because only are repetitions of the same scheme. It follows from here that all the polarities are not good or bad, depends on one of the another and its existence is justified because without them all would not be complete. And who fights against a pole fights everything. Oriental philosophies called the world of polarity illusion or delusion (maya) and seek knowledge and freedom in the perception that the authentic reality is beyond the mutations and the limits. Urged to reach a unity consciousness from the polarity and they speak of two universal forces which are given different names depending of the Tao (yin-yan), Hermeticism (Sun-Moon), (ida-pingala) tantra, Kabbalah, the dialectic, etc. Even our brain also participates in polarity with two hemispheres with different skills (logic and analog). He also performed the synthesis of polarity unit through the Corpus Callosum that connects the two hemispheres and integrates them (by the way that women have more developed Callosum).

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