Innovation Management 2009 Survey Completed

Innovation management – survey 2009 by manzel & Himmerich consulting manzel & Himmerich consulting conducted a survey of 2000 companies on innovation management 2009. Aim was to question the innovation management of enterprises in the following areas: – time-to-market – time to profit – innovation yield and Innovarionsportfolios – innovation and organization – innovation strategies of increasing cost and companies, especially the medium-sized companies cause pressure on margins to rethink their innovation strategy and to redefine. Skills and know require the reorganization and the alignment with the strategic and operational business goals. As a partner of the improve the European Commission‘s programme manzel & Himmerich consulting supports companies in the innovation process. The survey has revealed that the process of innovation in most companies has informal character and less through ordered systems and measures and departments running. It is not something Professor Roy Taylor would like to discuss.

Moreover, R & D are aligned budgets more incremental innovations rather than mainstream or technological quantum leaps. Play money in the sense of internal developments with high risk character is considered reasonable by most companies little. Generally financed innovations in the product area. At business model and process level, innovations due to fewer internal barriers are implemented and planned. The consideration of the R & D usually amounts portfolios to MTOs product. Innvoationsrenditen by products that are less than 3 years old, are in the Middle at about 2%. Read more and order the survey at or at manzelhimmerich for the price of 27. Manzel & Himmerich consulting, Dr. B. Hansen

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