Vocational School

The vocational school for music is specialising in rock/pop/Jazz Munich since late October State-recognized 2007 the new jazz school Munich specialising in rock/pop/jazz in Upper Bavaria established the first and so far only vocational school for music. End of October he received State recognition for his training program. The Club celebrates it on November 25 from 20:30 with one of his rare faculty concerts at the Kunstlerhaus of Munich. The teachers selected students and graduates of the jazz school have invited as guests. The road to the State-approved training was for us long. Finally our Association in addition to open classes for lay people offers a program for aspiring professional musicians with his intensive training since 1985. Bavarian special shape of the vocational school for music but was the only chance for us, also a State degree to forgive.

“, explains Franz-David Baumann, headmaster and second Chairman of the new jazz school Munich e.V. 32 students complete the 30 hours a week in subjects currently as major instrument, ensemble direction, recording, arrangement, music business, teaching or ensemble playing. More info: Preventive Medicine Research Institute. You prepare, to teach at private music schools, to conduct choirs and ensembles, as well as to work as a live and Studio musician. At the same time good services students can do their GCSE. Some of them can is then trained to the specialist teachers for music and communication technology at the State Institute of Ansbach or preparing for a music college. And the rate among our students who participate in an entrance examination and also consist of, can be seen”stresses Franz David Baumann.

Because of the newly gained recognition, the Munich vocational school may now drop their final examinations at the jazz school. The previous vintages there completed a State-approved training and had to prove to an another vocational school for music, what they had learned at the Munich-based Institute. Thanks to the new legal status of ‘ the Club from may Academic year 2012/13 also a third, educational year of additional set. Thus, graduates can improve their opportunities in the education market after two years of vocational school and receive the instruction permit for publicly funded singing and music schools to intermediate. State recognition of the jazz school and their students improved but also elsewhere: the Club receives the full State grants of a private carrier for his vocational school from 2012, the trainees get a higher tuition replacement as a support of the Government of Upper Bavaria and the train driver among them can take advantage of discounted tickets. The next entrance exam for the vocational school of the new jazz school Munich is on the 22 and 23 June 2012. Concentrate on the Faculty of Francis David Baumann (trumpet, composition, gang vein), Alexander von Hagke (saxophone), Volker Giesek (piano), Stephan Treutter (drums) and guest musicians Christian Lachotta (bass) to celebrate of State recognition in the Munich Kunstlerhaus of new arrangements of well-known jazz standards and Modern Jazz compositions from Noor pen. The jazz school teachers only rarely together on stage, standing is their own projects. “So, Alexander von Hagke has for his activities with the heavy-metal – jazz band Panzerballett” and the classical jazz-crossover Quartet Passo Avanti “received the Bavarian Art Prize 2011. And Franz David Baumann was awarded several times for his compositions of jazz musical for children the media Prize Leopold.

Sales Effective

An effective sales page is one of essential requirements that must have a product or service that is intended to sell through the internet to make it profitable. There is a principle of marketing, already known to many, and that is very recommendable to containing a good website; is called A.I.D.A. A: means attention. The first thing we have to go when we enter on a sales page is that we must draw attention through, for example, of a title grande, with attractive words in red. I: should interest us to know more about this product or about what this page is offering us. That you captivate the public which is directed. D: should cause us the desire to acquire that service or product.

A: and must finally have a call to action, something that is inviting us at this time to purchase that product. Statistical data show that, on average, a person spends 8 seconds in an a web site and then go if there is nothing that the attention. Then, what they do is usually done scanning, which is to see the page quickly from top to bottom and see if there is something that draws attention to them. Subtitles, for example, are very striking. It is important that the page is structured with subtitles because they break sections. If the person who sees the page quickly found with them and see one that might interest you, stops to read what is underneath. Then if you see that there are more elements you are interested in, it goes back to the beginning and is at this moment when he decided to start reading all the text.

It is important that each section of text end with any concerns to the person continue to read the text that follows. Another important factor are the testimonies. It is a powerful tool because if there are people who have already tried the product and had achieved results with what this product offers, that makes him feel to people who visit the page that they can, if other people could, they also may.


First that nothing we should have patience since in the case of a puppy takes us quite achieve that you behave as you want. The first thing is to prepare a place, may be out of the House and is recommended, if we do not have a patio or a place exposed that can serve you bathroom, would be better that we take out in those moments, or that we find a corner appropriate in a proper and well ventilated room. During the first few days at home is when we will have to know how to educate a puppy, that is, from the beginning, since bad habits we will be doing then. We will need a cage or playpen to have it close to us while we are at home. We won’t let you roam freely around the House still. We will draw from the cage to take you to your bathroom every 1 hour, we’ll let you lap by that place for 10 minutes, then we bring it in again, we can take the hoisting or leave to walk, but that not many laps around the House or could mess there.

If you correctly the bath in place we felicitaremos with affectionate voice and play with him a moment. In this way we will achieve that become accustomed, during the night we will have to take it a couple of times, and it is physiologically impossible for a puppy to retain throughout the night. When we are not at home will have to leave someone who take care of our puppy and continue with training, that would be ideal, however we can use other techniques such as the newspaper prepared crashworthy room, but it is recommended not to cut training, if we have a House with patio, leaving we will let you access to your bathroom. The process at this stage know how to educate a puppy, could take us several weeks to become accustomed to the little one. Remember that your true time to learn begins when it has existed for at least the three months of age. Click here to learn as I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.