Shapiro Wilks

Both presenting higher average values in the exercises carried through in the horizontal position (crucifixo and leg press) We also compare the average values of (SHOVELS and PAD) the (DP) of the exercise and crucifixo leg press 45, was evidenced significant difference in the average value of the SHOVELS (p = 0,014) being the average value of the SHOVELS highest in the exercise for the superior member (crucifixo). The results had pointed especially that the exercises resisted carried through in the horizontal position, when compared with the exercises carried through in the vertical position, cause significant alterations the SHOVELS and, in the superior members when compared with the inferior members. Word key: resisted exercises, cardiac frequency, arterial pressure, double product.

Abstract: This study was you identify the behavior of the double product (DP) and systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) at rest and during exercise, the exercise peck-deck, cross, leg press squat 45 and being held 10 repetitions at 75% of 1RM. (sample n = 31de male), it acts 22,5 ( 1,55 years), body weight 75,5 ( 2,2 kg), height 1,75 m ( 0,62 m) and BMI (kg/m2) 24,7 ( 1,8). We used the measures (HR) with frequency to put Polar MZ1, and (Par) used an aneroid to sphygmomanometer and stethoscope Littman (the USA). Statistical analysis was initially performed an exploratory study (skewness, kurtosis, normality test of Shapiro Wilks) dates in to order you meet the theoretical normal bends, and then the statistical parametric or nonparametric, with SPSS will be Windows, version 17.0. The results were significant differences between the mean values (SBP) (p = 0,000) and (DP) (p = 0,000) in the exercises will be to upper limbs, crucifix and peck deck. (SBP) (p = 0,071) and significant difference in the (DP) effort (p = 0,008) in the exercises will be legs, squat and leg press 45.

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