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Do by what this magnificent scientific technology, which saves work and makes us life more easy, gives us so little happiness? The answer is is, simply: because you have not yet learned to use with tino.Albert Einstein Este is an issue that produces in some negative reactions, they consider it absurd, this is not possible, that there is no scientific basis, which is pure pseudoscience, others on the other hand, they believe that there are interesting facts on what holds this information and invite to reflect and investigate a little more about what really is happening on planet Earth. In any case, present this written for those who are interested this type of information and undertaken to scrutinize that it is what is behind all this, without being destructive criticism and more open to information, which one evaluates according to vocational training, knowledge that we have. It is known that this phenomenon is named in honor of Winfried Otto Schumann, who mathematically predicted its existence in 1952, to Despite being first observed by Nikola Tesla and form the basis of its scheme for power transmission and wireless communications. The first spectral representation of this phenomenon was prepared by Balser and Wagner in 1960 change Planetarium gives us in this regard, that in the UTN of Munich, Germany, Dr. Schumann discovered a resonance effect in the Earth air ionosphere system, showing the peculiarity of polarize and impose possible perpendicular directions of vibration.The discovery of Dr. Schumann is today known with the term of Schumann Resonance. This book is a treatise of quantum metaphysics and Astrophysics Metacuantum.

It is available in all public libraries and sites of Internet.La resonance of Schumann has been 7.8 hz for centuries. This tossed as a result 24 hrs that took the Earth to give a rotation on its axis. Since 1980 the Schumann Resonance has been raised up to 12 Hz.

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