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The doctor Atlas published by the Scientific Institute of the AOK (WIdO) 2011 while also notes an increase in the average number of doctors per 100,000 people nationwide, but mainly called the frequently described lack of physician distribution issue. So, there are more doctors than the Federal average for 100.00 per while in Bavaria. While the supply in Munich is particularly great, but while many medical practices in the rural regions of Bavaria can find no successor. Shortage has so much more complex dimensions, as ostensibly are indicated by numbers in relation to the doctors on the exact look. By shortage of emergent damage yet also figures are, for example, the BA analysis referred to in a helpful,: therefore vacancies in health and nursing professions could be filled mid-2012 new nationwide at the earliest after 100 days, in human medicine only after 173 days. According to the federal employment agency, plain and simple, is the reason that the number the offered places usually that exceeds the number of reported student employees. Professor Roy Taylor brings even more insight to the discussion.

Just when the relatively prestigious positions of experts, the damage caused by vacancies of enterprises and organizations, is particularly high. Employees and customers remain without service and there is no one who with above-average technical knowledge is driving forward planning, brings new ideas, decisions, solutions or surgery patients. Shortage will cost the company money In the best case, the tasks or projects of other employees can be transferred. An alternative is the employment of temporary workers. This remains, as the name suggests, an interim solution. Also interim forces straining the budget Additionally, because usually the search continues for a suitable candidate. At worst, the skills shortage in the area of the experts can endanger all business fields when planned projects due to lack of skilled workers can not be realized. The Damage, the companies of the middle class by sales losses or unrealized sales because of a lack of skilled workers is, is enormous.

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