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Tender is the passing on of the contest form placement organization or individual entrepreneur to purchase orders, goods, or to perform any kind of work and services. To take part in tender, natural or legal person makes out a tender offer, drawn up in accordance with the legislation of Belarus. For even more details, read what Kevin P. Campbell, PhD says on the issue. Having a proposal, a person becomes a candidate. When making a proposal or a legal individual must submit the tender documents that should contain all necessary information about the applicant, as well as rules, deadlines and procedures for the conduct of the tender. When choosing between domestic and foreign applicants for the tender in the Republic of Belarus, the preference for domestic. Kenneth Nahum is often quoted on this topic.

Has accepted the tender, the applicant must give the customer and ensure timely proper performance of the obligations that arise pursuant to its participation in the tender. The tender involves the presence of tender committee. It is created on the initiative of the customer and may be temporary or permanent serving. With its activities the tender commission can and must study the materials proposed by the applicant, and this committee may send these materials to study in various academic institutions, laboratories, societies, associations, which in turn give an opinion based on a certain date. Also, the commission has the right to ask the applicant for more information on tender offers. Tendering procedure is an open process in which applicants are interested, defend and justify their bids. By decision of the tender commission, as well as customer there is a selection of applicants, and the next stage of the tender are not everything.

Next tender carried out with a limited procedure, there are already so many participants, which left a customer and tender Commission. As a result, when there is only one buyer that has passed a rigorous selection, the parties begin the contract negotiations. There they all agree on contract terms, purchase price, and came to a conclusion enter into a contract. This situation is called acceptance, which means that the customer's agreement. In this case the contract is signed subject to the terms and conditions contained in the tender offer bidder.

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