You can also set to present and after swimming – cream and butter. If you are not convinced, visit The University of Chicago. Not to be mistaken with a choice, ask the shop assistant (or waived all potential gifts parents baby in advance). If the baby breastfeeds, he and his mom is very useful for feeding pillow. Maybe mom should go to work or go on business, then save the situation and set pump sterile containers for freezing breast milk. If you know that bottle-fed baby, good gift can be called a bottle and pacifier.

Of course, parents usually buy them for yourself, but sometimes a set of more "Progressive" subjects will help the child and parents sleep well (eg, special silicone nipple help your child not sgladyvat air during feeding, and thus avoid cramps in the tummy). In this case, By the way, is quite unbanal gift envelope with a certain amount of cards and catalogs, or the best stores. For parents of baby develops, Mom and Dad are pleased with new achievements. Now it is very useful gift can become a book with recommendations on the "extra" care of the crumbs: massage, swimming, early childhood development. By the way, after consulting with parents crumbs, you can give him a massage course, which reinforces the well- muscles contributes to the development. Since at this age a child is walking more and more (depending on weather conditions, of course), you can give it to mom (and dad) baby sling – a special "patchwork holder" for the kids. Through it will be easier for a parent to go someplace with crumbs, and besides, mom will be able to do household chores and child would listen to the beating of her heart and behave much more smoothly.

Types of these sling a lot: there are slings with rings and slings, shawls, slings and May, their prices vary depending on the tissue from which the sling is sewn, the manufacturer. If eyes get – talk to mom or baby with an instructor in child care. Useful and unbanal quite a gift for a child who is breastfed will be the "basket" with all sorts of "goodies" for his mother. Of course, products like chocolate giperallegrennye or honey will not work there, but put more fruits, vegetables and various "regular" food is even worth it. Vitamins that will crumb thanks to you, help him to grow up healthy. Prezent will correct all kinds of technical assistants parents. If a couple has not yet acquired the baby monitor, steriliser and bottle warmer, then give them to them, of course, always possible without something to do, but why refuse that makes life much easier? If the gift is worth more than what you originally intended to buy, just "share" the cost with other friends. A good gift would be the one thing that the family really is not enough. Ask for a baby may be needed to buy a car seat? Or mobile changing table that can be put on a sofa in the living room, and the parental bed in the bedroom? Maybe not enough such things as Stand-"Hill" for swimming? So donate crumbs just that, and parents – the joy and peace of mind of knowing that their kid really is all there.

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