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The Anthropological

The person is born without becoming and aid educates the external them. Educador/a would have a paper similar to the one of a sculptor, because it is carving the person and this one will be the result of the work of the sculptor solely. They respond these ideas to the movement of the anthropological pesimism, represented by Kant and Durkeim. If we talked about to the movement of the anthropological optimism represented by Rosseau and Montesori, we will see that these understand by education to let do, growth: EDUCERE. In this case the educator is like a gardener who goes clearing the bad ones you boil so that the person grows and arises what there is within her, who is known itself, accepting her possibilities and limitations, so that she is become a being different from the others. It is what car-education is called. Both positions are opposed, because there is no an agreement in the etymological term of the word EDUCATION. But in addition, they are positions, also external, since the person nor is formed solely by the external influence (heteroeducacin), nor reason why she has solely within her (car-education).

Therefore, both processes must of being complementary and arises the anthropological realism, that the person able considers to develop what there is within her, but simultaneously needs some external stimuli. The education is understood etymological like COMPLERE, that means aid and well-taken care of and the educator would be like a traffic regulator, because it educates to the person alternating the positive that there is within her with the influences of the outside. The importance of the game in education is great because it puts in activity all the organs of the body, fortifies and it exercises the psychic functions. The game is a powerful factor for the preparation of the social life of the boy; playing the tolerance is learned, the personality forms and consolidates and the creativity is stimulated.

Capsules Diet

Craving for unnecessary piece of food will become less. Learn to count – the number of calories in your food and drinks. Task – not to exceed the figure of 1500 kcal per day. And, incidentally, would be nice to be weighed daily and observed for weight schedule, it is excellent to stimulate further to applicable. Can not imagine life without sweet – do not forbid yourself sweets at all, it will lead to failure. You can indulge yourself a small portion of sweets every few days. Small! All know that for a good metabolism is important not to eat much.

It is better to eat often but in small portions. When preparing a meal – do not try it. Can unwittingly get a lot of extra calories. If you can wear more often swimsuit and look in the mirror, will know about your body, and besides, it will turn away from the desire to once again look in the fridge. Pick up the "5-th point" from the chair. And go to the gym, fitness club.

Be sure to: problems with being overweight is not only you, that's why no one looking at you will not. Many in the room is also far from ideal, are overweight and are going to get rid of it. They may also consume Xenical, Capsules Diet and other fat burners. But it is well aware that physical activity – one of the main terms of weight correction. Detail, but the weight: find a gym closer to home. And save time, and do not become angry at long road. And there is no reason to abandon workout: tired, far away, then … It is better to buy ticket once a year, or at least half a year. In this case, you can be sure that you are not too lazy to overcome, in addition, save money. And by the way, do not forget about the bike and roller skates – the ideal tool for weight loss. Alternate types of exercises not only – but also sports. Fitness, swimming, jogging, skating … Firstly, this does not get bored. Secondly, the figure of a harmonious changing and evolving. What are these tips? We must strive for their dreams and each day something to do. Remember that 70 percent of success depends on you. From your willpower, focus and determination. Now it's time to act!

Infection And Healing

All the decorative items are selected so that they do not have sharp edges, spikes, notches. One should also keep with the other invasive species that can inflict wounds – in the aquatic environment, they long to heal and lead to infection. Undesirable and the neighborhood of some species of molluscs (the lawn, pond, etc.), since they are carriers parasitic worms. Violation of the rules of nursing – one of the causes of diseases. If excessive nutrition obesity occurs, the fish become inactive, fat is stored in the internal organs, disrupting their normal functions. Developing infertility, the metabolism, which may lead to the loss of pets. Prevention – a moderate and varied diet, "hungry days" once a week.

Special mention should be wary of inflammatory digestive tract fish, which is a direct consequence of the use of poor-quality food: the dead and stale cyclops, daphnia, bloodworms, spoiled dry food, etc. Symptoms: inflammation of the anus, the selection of the mucous feces – they go a long thread. Because of the swelling belly gases fish float up involuntarily. They are inert and poorly responsive to external stimuli. Prevention: regular feeding, regular cleaning aquarium and planned, or if necessary, replacement of water.

If time does not remove food debris, decaying food will absorb a lot of oxygen, and reducing its quantity in the water would cause suffocation of fish. Anoxia may occur in a crowded aquarium, as well as the presence of a large number of rotting plants. Important means of preventing many diseases are carefully and accurately in the procurement of food. Can not get it into reservoirs, where there are mass deaths of fish or there is evidence of her infection. choices. Do not even hesitate in benign food, put it on for 2-3 days in a flowing or frequently replace water. It does not hurt. Some experts suggest, and this precaution – svezheotlovlennuyu catch hold in a weak solution tripaflavine. Dangerous food from sewers: it often contains toxic chemicals which accumulate in the muscles of annelid worms and insect larvae. Remember – with a useful fall plankton and prey species of organisms (eg, stilonihiya larvae karpoeda), which cause the death of the larvae and fry. With careful regard to health your pet will be out of danger. And the advice to the doctor will have to go, of course, only in emergencies. Perhaps, our recommendations will serve you in the practice – if the wards were suffering from parasites.

IEA Energy

Sectors of the air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water (DHW) are currently experiencing an important and necessary technological adaptation with the aim of increasing energy efficiency and to introduce renewable energies. This causes that they are a very active and innovative sectors. Air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water (DHW) sector has been affected by the tough economic crisis experienced by the construction industry in recent years, although the fundamental concern for the development of the sector is the financial situation and solvency of large part of the installation companies. A report that was already made in 2008 by the International Energy Agency (IEA) encouraged the promotion of measures for energy saving and new energy and environmental regulations. According to the IEA, the sectors of air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water (DHW) should contact towards the improvement of the quality of the air, controlling its temperature, degree of humidity, distribution and velocity, with special attention to environmental and sanitary conditions. Facilities of air conditioning, heating and hot water health (ACS) are regulated in Spain by the technical building code (CTE), approved in 2006, and by the regulation of thermal installations in buildings (RITE) on July 20, 2007, which transcribed the directive of the European Union on energy efficiency of buildings (EPBD)..

Nutri Beauty

He is much talk about anyone you want to be more natural, healthy eating, become vegetarian, in short be more green or eco-friendly this is difficult to find out what more should be a certain person. If you have sensitive skin, you experience eruptions, you suffer from rosacea, or simply are looking for a change, then you can consider choosing a few beauty products that are natural. Here are some tips that you can apply to your daily beauty routine but using natural products. Base. Stript has some of the best natural beauty products that exist in the market. Try the crushed mineral makeup so you incorpores more natural products to your beauty routine. It has no parabens and is vegetarian so it is actually very good for the face.

Hair color. You don’t worry dry your hair everytime you paint it. Use JF Lazartigue colour of emulsion to make sure you are putting things properly on your hair. Everything is natural, paraben, free ammonia and peroxide. Moisturizing cream.

Shiseido skincare Active Moist is a lightweight moisturizer that can be applied before makeup. It softens the skin with lavender and restores hydration with cucumber. In addition, it is not too heavy and is even recommended for people with oily skin. Lip color. Now that the work of the base this finished, is the time to add a little color to your lips naturally. Nuxe Nutri protection SPF 15 Legendaire pink lips, adds the color needed to have beautiful and hydrated lips at the same time.

Healthy Easter Menu

The guaranteed easy Easter menu. Taste varied and healthy. Hardly is one rid of after Christmas tedious those extra pounds nights on, Easter is coming up and it attracts the roast lamb and other heavy dishes. MasterCuisine recommends the somewhat different Easter menu. Flavorful, versatile and very vitaminhaltig, this menu provides a varied sequence also for vegetarians: our menu proposal starts with a colorful salad with shrimp and boiled eggs. Depending on the offer he can be decorated festively with fresh herbs or sprouts: ingredients for 4 servings: 600 g of shrimps lettuce 1/2 cucumber 1 bunch chives 4 cloves of garlic chopped 2 hard boiled eggs 2 Tablespoons olive oil for the sauce: 1 egg 200 ml sunflower oil 20 ml white wine vinegar (or lemon juice) 1 small shallot 2 Tablespoons ketchup 1 Tablespoon grated horseradish 1 tsp sea salt 1 pinch cayenne pepper 1 pinch of sugar preparation: For the sauce first shallots finely chop and grate the horseradish.

Now from the oil, the egg, the salt, conjure up a mayonnaise, sugar and pepper. These with the the horseradish, chopped shallot and the ketchup for a creamy sauce mix. Peel the shrimp, cut lengthwise and remove their intestines. As long as fry the shrimp strips in olive oil, and together with the halved garlic cloves until they have wrapped. The half cucumber Peel, halve lengthwise, and scrape out the innards with a spoon.

Cut the cucumber meat into thin slices. Appropriate salad fill with salad first and then with cucumber slices. Arrange the still warm shrimp along with the cooked egg pieces at the top. Pour some sauce over and sprinkle with chives. A slight Vichysoise (potato Leek Soup) above warms the stomach for the main course: ingredients for 4 servings: 500 g potatoes 1 stick Leek 1 large onion 200 ml cream 1 cube chicken bouillon 1 cube beef broth 2 Tablespoons chopped chives 3 splashes Tabasco preparation: Peel the potatoes and cut into small cubes.

Make Good Pizza At Home Yourself

Fast, easy and with natural ingredients do you someone who like no pizza? Hardly! In fact, pizza is the most popular Fast Food Court in Germany. It is even more frequently than the Doner ordered or took it on the way home. Pizza is now so varied, each at his own expense here, no matter whether original Italian American style or completely reinterpreted. Not much needed to make them at home yourself. If you want to go fast, the pizza dough can be purchased even fixed and ready. This is still better than a frozen pizza. The fastest variant: pizza Kit themselves occupy in every supermarket the so-called pizza Kit is available. Fresh yeast dough is rolled out already fixed and finished in a special packaging available.

When you open them, she jump apart and the pizza dough can be rolled out. The parchment paper and the pizza sauce are conveniently already. Now you can occupy your own pizza to your hearts content. If you buy ready grated cheese, has really hardly work. It’s almost as fast as a frozen pizza and is also much cheaper. As the whole plate costs depending on the ingredients in about as much as a single frozen pizza pizza. Because it is a whole sheet, enough pizza for two persons with a large appetite. American style pizza American pizza is very popular in Germany.

Hat you can make yourself a pizza at pizza. Find the recipe here at Also this version is quick and easy. The dough is kneaded together just touched, strong and must then go to the plate an hour, before he is pushed into the oven. As a result he gets popular, loose consistency and goes on so really nice. Multiple letting go is so unnecessary, so is the American style pizza just right for those who quickly want to conjure up something delicious on the plate. It is also without yeast: curd dough actually pizza dough with yeast prepared. Yeast dough needs always some preparation, he don’t just spontaneously can be made. Because the yeast must go at least an hour. Very much faster, a pizza can be prepare but from Quark oil dough. To be 300 grams of flour with two teaspoons reverse kneads simply baking powder, 150 grams curd, 5 tablespoons olive oil, one egg and one teaspoon of salt well. The dough can be rolled out immediately and baked. Such a pizza tastes really very good, but completely different from the Italian classic. Pizza is no calorie pizza has the reputation of being a calorie bomb. But that’s not true at all, because here it depends on the ingredients and the surface. An average round pizza has approximately 850-900 calories. This is for a main meal of an adult perfectly alright. Pizza is neither unhealthy nor calories, when you consume they sensibly and wisely. With lean ham or fried chicken, tuna and seafood, beef ham or completely vegetarian allows it to demonstrate low-fat. Fresh vegetables gives her a fresh touch and provides vitamins. By the way, is the classic Italian pizza with mozzarella (the best Baked Buffalo mozzarella) and not with the much fettreicheren Gouda. Mozzarella is a low-fat cheese, those who opt for this version, can save at least 30 percent of calories.

Graduation Matinee Nursery

Prior to the prom is a little less than 11 years, but the final matinee is about to start. And members of parent committees, and parents think just what to give it that almost seven years, which will soon begin a new, hardly not the most important and certainly very difficult stage of your life? We are so accustomed to regular kindergarten sets consisting of photographs of a kindergarten in beautiful locations and chocolates. But the candy – perhaps the most losing option. How to say ridiculous beloved hero of the film “Girls” – “ate – and forgotten, left a heartburn.” I’m not talking about the fact that many children are generally contraindicated candy for health reasons and that the decay – perhaps the most common ailment of preschool children. So my first advice: let’s not give candy to children! Or, if you really sweet, let it be something completely harmless and quality, such as dried fruit in yogurt and nuts in chocolate.

A graduate of kindergarten – it just does not seven children, is almost a schoolboy. About this many times and told to children’s matinee, and in parting words to children. But with this gun and you should choose a small gift to graduates. All will buy the school a wide variety of office supplies, paints, brushes and other necessary items and paper writing for the school. So may be easier for parents and children this training and to give children with mind selected set of good office? Imports of coated paper notebooks, colored paper of all sorts and sizes, good pens, different types of paints and brushes, plasticine ordinary ball and some other, For example, fluorescent, and the usual range of line-spirograph (its way, experts even recommend that future first graders, well developed writing hand) .

Staphylococcus Lavender

They said that this can not be, I just got used to and not feel it. But my family agreed with me, because they remember the smell at first and could compare with those who stayed through the week. The following portions are not so rapidly lose their scent. Apparently, the body had already satiated. Therefore, I recommend to all who anxiety, mental fatigue, feeling fatigue from depression – use lavender. This is the only tool that has helped me. Lavender, Lavender as a medicine is an excellent antiseptic, and also a good antibacterial agent. It is used topically to treat burns, wounds, insect bites, bruises, bruises, cuts, boils, wounds, ulcers, eczema, herpes, and skin rash from varicella.

Apply lavender and cold, in the inhaled mixture, as a component of cough, bronchitis, flu, fever, sore throat. Lavender has analgesic effects of rheumatism, it is used to remove excess fluid from the body, normalize digestion. It is undeniably the queen of aromatherapy. Captivating aroma of lavender has anti-stress and relaxing effect on the human body, relieves fatigue and headaches, relieves insomnia and depression, regulates the emotions, helps to rejuvenate after a long hard work, promotes mental alertness. Using lavender you forget about insomnia, tearfulness, overexcitation, disappear hysterical reaction. Migraine, pain of the head, brain cramps anesthetic effect, and reduces the manifestations of stroke and atherosclerosis. Lavender is also a choleretic effect is shown for normalization of the gall bladder and liver.

In dermatology is used to treat redness, inflammation and flaking of the skin. Suited to care for all skin types. It cures dandruff and brittle hair, and dermatitis different backgrounds, very well restore the skin after burns. Lavender leads to normal heart rhythm during fibrillation and tachycardia, and hypertension is shown to normalize blood pressure. It productivity increases blood feeding the heart muscle. Also used in the cleaning of the body of toxins. Lavender oil is used to treat gangrene and septic wounds, it kills strep, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli. Preparation of infusion. Two tablespoons of dried lavender flowers pour 500 ml boiling water, then 40 minutes to present and drain. This infusion to drink during the day. Essential oil. Oil lavender infused with alcohol use for grinding neuralgia of various origins, as well as rheumatism of the joints. A bath with lavender oil. This bath helps a lot with a strong mental overexertion. For cooking take a handful of flowers, fill with hot water, boil for 10 minutes. After that, leave to brew. Infusion of adding to the bath. To continue the soothing effect of lavender can be put next to a small pillow with dried lavender. This method of stress relief can also help with heart palpitations, feelings, anxiety, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, high blood pressure. Tea made from lavender. Tea from Lavender take 0.5 teaspoons of flowers in a glass of boiling water and infuse. This tea should be drunk slowly, inhaling floral fragrance. Tea helps to get rid of a headache. Pad with flowers of lavender will help you improve sleep quality during stress and significantly improve your health. Side effects. Lavender flowers have no adverse effect on the body, but the use of lavender oil into at doses above 1 g may cause a irritation of the stomach and intestines and the phenomenon of consciousness disorders and depression. You can not use lavender oil with drugs that contain iron and iodine!