Multiple Sclerosis

The procedure itself is easy to explain, technically but only highly complicated feasible. “But the manufacturer of REHATRON, the Austrian group of novotech near the city of Linz, did it with flying colors.” Not for nothing is the credo of Paul Mohr, practitioner of passion and sanat tirelessly in championing his patients, Medicus curat, natura! The doctor treats, cures the nature! “.” If a form of therapy can technically provide one of the universal forces of our physical universe, so electromagnetism, which interacts with our human organisms and part and reason for our physical being, then it is only understandable that we respond to such impulses and regeneration and repair operations that are latently present in us, initiated or raised are,”explains the tech-savvy Paul Mohr and continues: You can compare REHATRON although with traditional magnetic field therapies; that would be, as would you send a VW Beetle against a Maserati in the race. But in the broadest sense, it is of course: where current flows, a magnetic field is created and just generally known as magnetic field therapy can look on a clinical study arsenal, that many other allopathic methods unparalleled. “So this is still so poorly known, it is an open secret now once that money rules the world and other industries in medicine have more than so-called niche markets, this is nothing new in the Internet age for citizens and patients more.” With REHATRON alpha the Oestricher therapist therapy offer now to all classes “expanded: I’m really glad to have made the decision to integrate this revolutionary treatment system in my practice. My patients and I are sometimes stunned over the good therapeutic success.

Also the successes show that the so-called placebo effect it does not matter, so the patients not only fancy that the therapy really helps, by REHATRON in equestrian sports: here REHATRON spreads in the a class of international professionals currently massively. And, with all due respect, a horse can that get him better or injuries disappear not imagining things. This is so or not. It was a good decision to integrate REHATRON in our practice and we will help also, of course the non-invasive induction therapy, as already many other colleagues, to spread further.” Paul Mohr uses REHATRON alpha now mainly at disorders of the musculoskeletal, chronic pain disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic cystitis, circulatory disorders, Lupus Erythematosus, with ulcers, allergic diseases, to the general strengthening of the immune system and in the additive cancer therapy a. And even the next book in the head with REHATRON has the tireless educator and author: every decent and broadcast-conscious doctors will work on his way out, that meaningful therapies and procedures more and more in the public’s mind back.

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