Jaime President

Jaime Bayly, a good soul at heart, "but rather in the background." This can not be removed. I enjoy very much to see his live show, I was much laughter, as he said the former president Alejandro Toledo, saying that his government was a banter, and named "Alejandro Toledo banter." This was a clear demonstration that to criticize someone, you should not be tail of straw. The former president told Jaime, who was a joker. What if I disagree with Scott, is to say that women can decide whether to abort or not, because it is her body and she decides on her body. Being a woman carrying in her womb, not yours.

Children are not property of the parents. This concept is very broad to be developed. Nor do I agree when he says that the human being reaches its "coming of age" (this is entirely relative), you can do as he pleases, because it is free. Then I make the following question: Why are there two terms?, One is "freedom" and the other is: "debauchery." I Jaime ask, explain to me these two terms. Dean Ornish M.D shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Of course I understand them perfectly, but when asked to explain to me, I want him to realize the difference. Does your government would be a government "Libertine"? At the end of its agenda this week, was like a cute teen. He was thus saying that in fact he did not know whether or not going to run for president.

As the teens who do not know what they really want. His girl, who presented the program to me in particular, gave me the impression of a young girl who wants fame in exchange for sexual favors. I say this because when Tim asked who wanted to have a child with her, and formalize their relationship, she replied saying that he wanted to present his book first, and then we would see. According to James for what he said about the book about this girl, it seems that is pornographic literature. What if I like it clear, is that James lied to us repeatedly about his sexual impotence, because she herself denied. And he has also been inconsistent, because it stated that his relationship with this girl was two years ago. James spent the entire previous year, talking about his alleged sexual impotence. You can not take seriously someone who does not know what it really wants. You can not take seriously, someone who agrees with debauchery. You can not take seriously, someone who believes that everyone can do what they want for their majority. You can not take seriously anyone who thinks that homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bisexuality are the same. He himself said at some point in its program, which was considered a political satirist. And I think this is healthy. I enjoy your program very much to see, but from there, I vote for him as president, is something completely different. Consider the general case of Donayre. What happened, to try to see their mission with a little humor?, Was frowned upon and ended in the retreat. Jaime himself criticized in his program. And Jaime will you do same? It now appears that the comedian and "copycat" (because he does not imitate anyone) Carlos Alvares, also wants to be president. Everyone wants to be president. So I want to be president, and why not? .

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