Internal Tank

Hydropneumatic system This equipment is used when pressure hydropneumatic system or on-site installation and work through the heat pipe tubes. These water pipes do not stay inside, which is closed, this vacuum and has a capillary tube with a mixture of glycol, its tip is inserted at the hot water tank in what is known as a port of heat transfer which takes place heat transfer heat pipe to the water, this feature makes this union is considered dry. The water in the hot water tank is heated and stratified by thermosiphon effect. The components of the evacuated tube solar water heater are: Internal Tank: Made of stainless steel hot water storage. Insulation: 55 mm polyurethane foam. Cover: Stainless steel.

Silicone Rings: Used for packing and securing of the evacuated tubes the water heater tank. Support Structure: made of anodized aluminum. Screws: Stainless steel easy to assemble. Reflectors: increase the amount of solar energy incident on the evacuated tubes Base: Support bottom of the evacuated tubes. What is an evacuated tube? The evacuated tube is the part of the team that converts solar energy into useful heat, and it is through him that the water is heated.

There are basically two types of evacuated tubes. The vacuum tube basically consists of two borosilicate glass tubes concentric. The outer tube of high resistance impact, able to withstand the impact of a hail of up to 2.5cms in diameter. The inner tube covered with aluminum nitrate has an excellent solar energy absorption and minimal reflection properties.

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