Herbal Medicine

When we heard that there is a herbal medicine that can help our child, we immediately bought it and started giving his son. After four days after the start of ALVEO first normal sleep, appetite then, there have been no epilepsy. The boy went back to school. Vadim saw one yardstick for 2 months. We very grateful to the ALVEO. Kopilova Elizabeth V. S. Tamarin, Kherson region.

Before taking ALVEO I already had two heart attacks, heart attacks permanent, very high pressure. During the reception ALVEO pressure returned to normal for Three months have passed heart attacks, improved nervous system. My husband, who had a thrombosis, after two months of receiving obtained very good results, thrombus disappeared and improved health. We take ALVEO on one measure, sometimes half, depending on the well-being within four months. I worked for many years a doctor, but until such time as the start to take ALVEO, could not help themselves. I was given a fortune to be healthy. I am grateful all the people who have spent force in the development of such a wonderful product, but also to all who helped to convey information and the product itself before us. Thank you very much! Yuzhakova Natalia New Kakhovka, Kherson region My son Daniel, born in 2004, with two years periodically increased acetone.

The child's condition was so bad that we did not do without a dropper. After treatment, we strictly adhere to the diet. In autumn 2007, we were offered the product ALVEO. We are interested in the fact that ALVEO enhances immunity. Give your child every morning for 15 ml. We noticed that the next increase in acetone Daniel quickly and easily recovered. If you would like to know more about Cardiologist, then click here. In this case, we treated by doctors at home do soda enema gave Rehydron, Linex, the bark of oak, drinking plenty of fluids and increase the dose ALVEO up to 30 ml.

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