Ferrum Phosphoricum

Salts are Schussler homeopathically prepared, makes you slowly melt in the form of tablets in the mouth. The dissolved minerals can be recorded from the body via the oral mucosa. Health Ferrum Phosphoricum, Schussler Salz No. 3, is presented in the current Advisor. The Schussler mineral salt No. 3 is applied mainly in cases of inflammation in the early stages, fever and colds.

The chemical name of Ferrum Phosphoricum is iron phosphate, whose typical Potenz is D 12. The potency of D 12 is taken no. 1, no. 3 and no. 11 only for the function of salts, D 6 applies to the other salts as a rule potency. The D”means that at each step the dilution of the substance to a ten compartment.

The number behind the D”, in this case 12″, indicates how often the basic substance has been diluted. In the human body, Ferrum Phosphoricum in the cells occurs and can stimulate the blood-forming tissues. Muscle injuries the Ferrum Phosphoricum as ointment to the can after sport be applied in the affected areas. The effectiveness of Schussler salts is not scientifically proven. Since however salts by using Safari to no known side effects, they can be taken in addition to an allopathic treatment, but they should inform the doctor. A serious illness is present, one should however always a doctor, because, for example, untreated infections of injury can have serious consequences and even when sudden high fever a doctor should be consulted. For more information around the topic of homeopathy and naturopathy in health advisor at

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