Egyptians Baths

Man has always sought to water. The water was for him a symbol of life, she cleaned the human body and soul. Too many of us like to bathe in a bath. How good to feel the soft embrace of a wonderful couple, breathe fragrant smell of birch or oak twigs. And the smell of beer or kvass, which is poured on a hot stove. What other scents of the hip for a person in the bath could be nicer? And of course a quiet, intimate conversation in between calls at the pair.

This is not the full attributes of our Russian or Finnish sauna. A history of the baths, many know? As our ancestors soared? Well, we will fill the gap of knowledge. Their chronology Bath begins somewhere around seven thousand years ago. The first baths were of natural origin. They were located near the hot springs, in which ancient soared and bathed. And in the north, where there were no bodies of water with hot springs, people began to make their own bath. In addition to health and hygiene functions, bath procedure acquired a special gala ceremony, which was much more important than simply washing with water. Parents baths are Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The ancient Egyptians paid special attention to personal hygiene. Hygiene in Egypt was built in the cult, which led to construction of the first public baths. They were small pools, clay or stone baths, which filled with cold water by means of drain pipes, which were made of copper.

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