Efficient Maintenance Through A Smart Planning

Efficient planning tool for maintenance as part of efficient management is essential, indispensable with regard to the maintenance planning. Transparently and effectively to make this process in the future, ENGINIUS has developed a planning tool, which is the most important resource coordinated the staff – integrated into the planning process. The planning tool associated with the product range of the enginius enables a simple allocation of maintenance activities on individuals or teams in graphical form. The connection to SAP enables an integrated approach within the entire value creation chain. The planning tool provides various options for the work preparers and planners the allocation of orders or measures.

People, tools, or equipment of certain orders or measures with a simple drag- and -drop can be associated to classification in a day and week views. Order and action details can be viewed at any time directly on the Planning Board and changed. Through the Any adjustments will be transferred online connection to SAP. The planning is carried out basically in a two-step process, first jobs are assigned to a group, such as a workplace, then also at the operation level, the individuals can be allocated. The default view shows the current status of activities and take into account also the relevant processing status. In the case of coupling with the mobile maintenance solution enginius, the Scheduler learns whether an order is already in the mobile processing. Feedback from mobile devices appear synchronous to the Planning Board.

Still, external time recording systems can be connected so represented, for example, the current presence of persons as well as integration allows scheduled presence, E.g. holiday and training etc. Only the interplay between a smart planning tool and a mobile support for the maintenance personnel on the ground results in the greatest possible benefit for an intelligent maintenance processing. The core product – the mobile maintenance solution enginius – has become a synonym for innovation and ease of use for the modern maintenance. Enginius is not only for the versatility of different products, but rather for a new philosophy of innovative applications that puts people back in the foreground. Link: planning_solution.pdf the focus of the 2001 founded ENGINIUS Beratungsgesellschaft fur Informationstechnologie mbH is based in Schwetzingen in the coupling of business processes using modern information and communication techniques. ENGINIUS designed the eponymous mobile maintenance system enginius. Mobile maintenance the ENGINIUS connects people with the world of the computer-aided maintenance. Employees in production and technology are able to see with the help of small mobile devices (PDA) and auto-identification technology right on the scene-important information about plants and maintenance orders and direct Activities or feedback to make. The mobile solution can in existing system environments (such as SAP) by corresponding connectors are integrated or but work as an independent Instandhaltungsplanungs and control system (IPSS). Contact: ENGINIUS Beratungsgesellschaft fur Informationstechnologie mbH Carl-Benz-Strasse 20 68723 Schwetzingen Tel: + 49 (0) 6202 57 81 57 – 0 fax: + 49 (0) 6202 57 81 57 – 8

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