Eastern Sayan

Was a great ruler his secret strength, power and health and it is connected with one mysterious place in the Eastern Sayan. For a long time it was secret. People broadcast news about it by word of mouth: – There are miracles, and true hope. There's despair is replaced by joy and gratitude to the heavens. The maimed and the sick gain health. Fruitless – the ability to have children and continue their genus.

But do not try to disturb the peace of this place dirty word or dark thoughts do not come in this blessed valley in the entertainment idle or immediately after participation in funeral rites. All actions should be here comply with certain rules, worked out over centuries. Need to go from source to source, following the progress of the sun and try to water. One that seems most appealing to the taste, and should be treated. If the rise of Angara River Kitoy, and the confluence of Quito and Shumakov continue their journey to Shumakov, you can get into this valley. It now is called by the name of the river – Shumack.

Mountain valley, and in her more than a hundred sources of healing water. Around each fontanel, about every hole plate with an inscription for the treatment of the body need to take this water, to treat any disease. "Eyes", "Liver, Lungs," "Buds", "stomach" "Stomach ulcer", "Diabetes", "Oncology, Infertility These recommendations are translated by modern scholars with an inscription in Old Mongolian language.

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