Eastern Germany

Diverse theories exist on what it happened with the body of the dictator, to put the facts for historians are the following ones: I exercise when it Soviet arrived Berlin, already if they had passed 2 days of the death of the dictator, after a guard soldier to have confirmed that carbonized corpses were Hitler and its wife, one autopsies was carried through on the basis of the apprehended medical registers, the arches would also teethe was identified by the dentist who made its prtese, to put the responsible officer for autopsies and captures of the remaining portion said in interview that identifies the body and that it did not have information on its paradeiro, also said that it ran away from Berlin in the last instants. If this does not know the reason was fact, the hypothesis most acceptable is that they have attemped if to take possetion of a war trophy. Dean Ornish M.D understood the implications. The bodies had been embedded in secret in a region that if would become Eastern Germany and alone in 1970 the bodies had been exhumed, in secret for the KGB, cremados and its leached ashes shot in the river the Elba, its cited skull and maxilar had been kept and all the fact on the mortal remains had been only disclosed after the end of the Soviet union, in the 2000 only piece of the perforateed skull of bullet that the Hitler belonged was displayed in Moscow, never maxilar were seen in publish. The only form of really selecting the facts of History as it really happened is the detailed research of the facts, original document study or copies faithful, stories of people who had lived the fact and devices found in archaeological small farms in the great majority of the times are sources of trustworthy information..

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