Childrens Medicine Cabinet

Waiting for the child is always accompanied by numerous pleasant bustle and preparation. The young parents raises many questions: What should be the kid in the early months life?; How to equip a children's play area or room so the little man was cozy and comfortable?; Which stroller to choose?; How to properly care for your baby?; How to make it grow healthy and strong? Etc. etc. The answers to these questions and more are looking into all possible sources, reading dozens of books and magazines, listening to the advice relatives and friends storming the internet and at the same time, more and more immersed in the maelstrom fallen to care for them, keeping in mind at first sight, insignificant little things, such as, for example, Children's acquisition of first-aid kit first assistant, has not yet experienced moms. Perhaps someone will say, they say, what nonsense, you can go out and buy ready-made kit, which has everything you need. But this is only for first glance. From personal experience I know that drugs in the medicine cabinet should be more.

In addition, buying it, we have to pay much: you pay for a first aid kit, and another for a bunch of extra medicine. And using the same experience, I would like to offer your list of medicines and drugs that may be needed in the first months of life. First of all, it's brilliant green (better pencil, which is more convenient to application) and hydrogen peroxide, which are necessary immediately after discharge from hospital for treatment of the umbilical wound, manganese, which is recommended to use during the first bathing the baby, as well as other disinfectants Tools – furatsilin, iodine, etc. etc. Secondly, it means against diaper rash and all sorts of skin irritations (eg, Bipanten), baby cream (which you can choose at their own discretion based on the size purse and fashionable trends) and mineral oil.

Third, it means all sorts of disorders of the intestine (colic, constipation or diarrhea), which suffers from a significant percentage of children. It is activated coal or smectite, or Espumizan Baby Calm, teas on the basis of fennel, glycerin suppositories, etc. You need to purchase a syringe (preferably several, of different diameters), one of which can be used as a vapor tubules, which, for unknown reasons, ceased to produce domestic industry. In order not to be caught unawares, you need to put in a first aid kit and any refrigerant-based paracetamol. To reduce temperature in children is usually used all kinds of candles. It is also necessary to purchase thermometers (both for the body, so water and air). To carry out hygiene procedures are needed sterile cotton wool, bandages, cotton buds (though they in no way be used to clean the nose and ears of the child), scissors, oil cloth. As well as nasal aspirator and mochesborniki to pass first test.

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