Consell Insular

They say the numbers just to square the Consell Insular de Menorca in all the popular races that are organized in the island every summer has seen an increase in the participation of 12.5 , which remains in itself an inspiring, really hides the real problem of insular correril shed. I say, that despite the increase, the absolute numbers of participation are laughable, because they must cover a percentage of the population segment they address: healthy people who have no other sport (mainly federal) as the basis of physical recreation. headquartered in Miami, Florida offers health coverage to families across the United States That happens on the island amongst the group of runners and the cyclists. In Menorca (and here the Spanish State is a good mirror) are only good, and do not go by bike would only be able to take those maquinorros cerquita average 30 km / h. What it is like ‘Because I’ve verified empirically: I am a healthy rate and in a form acceptable as it run, swim and ride a bicycle with great regularity, and when I show up at a popular race on the island was invariably between last 5 (when I’m not the red lantern). And I can not even go to training with the Association Cicloturista of Menorca, where I have buddies, because either they are bored or I collapse. Asi es. I say: in Menorca and will only run good bike. A bad (Let’s cut the euphemisms, I’m bad) gives them a terrible objection together with the good and do not try. It seems as if he understood that to play a sport (as healthy) as running or riding a bike in a serious way is indispensable to have a special talent or a very high level of training, and to do wrong, well better stay home. No, not lords! I advocate a different approach to physical activity. I advocate another way of understanding this trend residing with the “officer” can go jogging or pedaling quietly a couple or three times a week, with health in the head, and will always provide at the start line of a career really popular with the idea of running the distance without worrying too much to get a minute before or one after, and looking to enjoy the atmosphere, the people, of travel, sunny day and whatever. Focusing on our own, this type of corridor is unusual in Menorca. They are good, talent and preparation to just over 3 minutes each kilometer run, then the platoon of the way, some pretty well trained but with somewhat less talent, but lack the firing line. Two anecdotes to finish. The first: A family friend, neighbor vacationer many, many years, speaking the other day told me he saw me running down the Paseo de Fornells (I asked him by the fireball that followed me but claims not to have seen). I also acknowledge that running, 8 kilometers a day on tape, in the gym. It runs down the street because it gives cock enza. Second anecdote: A well-known to me for advice. Like to do something. He tells me he’s going to walk an hour every day (he is young). He confesses that his illusion is starting to run, but every time I start it for 10 seconds to look at her because she feels others. Sure you are wondering where is that running with the fat that has the ass. Real, as I tell you. “More examples’

Summer Shops

In the south, a little warmer on the Mediterranean coast just cooler. Night temperatures are usually below ten degrees daily. In the central part of the resorts along the coast walking route minibuses. You can rent a car, but it is strongly recommended because of weak discipline, demonstrated by local drivers. Personal belongings may be imported into the country and out of the country without customs declaration (should only be declared cameras).

Take out country permitted goods worth up to 200 Egyptian pounds. Visitors over the age of 20 years can bring with them to 1 liter of spirits and 2 liters of beer, over 15 years – 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars. The export of antiquities of Egypt, sea shells, stuffed crocodiles, ivory, coral is forbidden. Coral reefs – is it the same way as the pyramids, Egypt's national heritage and are protected by law, for their injury threatened a heavy fine. Banks are open daily, except Fridays and Saturdays, from 8.30 to 15.30. Offices in major hotels sometimes work around the clock.

No definite hours of shopping there. In winter, shops are open from 9.00 to 20.00 with a lunch break of at least 12.00 to 14.00. Supermarkets are usually open longer. In the summer lunch break usually lasts from 14.00 to 16.00. Many shops are closed only at 21.00-22.00. As a souvenir you can buy the stone statues of Egyptian gods hookah ("shisha"), the papyrus. In the resort areas of the vast majority of shops and stalls do not have fixed prices.

German Chamomile

With most types of dermatitis following symptoms can be observed: * persistent scratching a particular area * persistent licking of a particular area *, rough, scaly Areas of skin usually accompanied by hair loss. Diagnosis of dermatitis is usually, diagnosed based on history dermatitis and the appearance of the rash. Your veterinarian will examine the affected area and if possible, the exact type of dermatitis is identified, although this can be difficult. Some skin tests may be performed to identify the contact or atopic dermatitis or a fungus infection. Help for dermatitis if the < a rel = nofollow onclick = javascript:_gaq.

push(“_trackPageview”, “/outgoing/article_exit_link”); href = > your pet dermatitis results from bites of flea, should be taken to rid the home of fleas. Corticosteroids such as dexamethasone injectable and oral antibiotics can give to calm the itching and inflammation however these medications can have side effects. The care is necessary of the hot spots in the skin to prevent infection. Be aware that topical steroids can have significant side effects and most of the steroid topic need to be prescribed by a healthcare provider. Natural remedies many herbal and homeopathic remedies have been formulated with specific ingredients to help reduce inflammation and soothe the itching. Herbs such as Feverfew recutita (German Chamomile) are widely used as cleansing, anti-inflammatory and soothing herb gentle while Galium aperine (blades) is a tonic for cleansing helps to expel toxins from the body and therefore to attend to the treatment of chronic skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis allergic. Calendula officinalis (Marvel), Hamamelis virginianum (Witchhazel) and graffiti can reduce swelling and are natural effective remedies to soothe the itching while they promote the health of the skin.

Slimming Finally

Good to all / as: I’m tired of that to take advantage of us, Internet users, corporations or companies, with topics such as health, money problems that we usually have most of the world’s population, so it is very easy to defraud people who at a given moment we are in a complicated situation, and we need a quick solution. I am going to tell my story a little because it is priceless, and it is a shame. That may know what to expect you and because trust or distrust at a given time. I understand that in many websites not be it defrauding, but by general term is is creating a system of social alarm, with the theme of Internet sales, because you don’t really know with whom you are trying to, and that gives us insecurity, although many times when we are going to a mall also deceive us, and over face to face. There was a season a year ago more or less, in which I had a significant overweight, 100 kg, measuring 1, 70 m, as you can understand I am a young boy of 24 years, and society is very cruel in these ages, When you have not the prototype of physicist who is considered normal. Because as a good user of the Internet, search for more and more information on the topic of overweight, how to improve it, diets, products, etc.

And when he believed having found something, he visited other pages comparing information and all commented that they were scams, which were not used to anything. So I didn’t see me with strength to buy any product, for fear that I enganasen and above lost money, without any results. But after a while I found a couple of sites, which convinced me and I decided to try the products offered, and until today I am delighted, so I wanted to share this information with people that this is the same situation that I was. Because is going to be important to improve your body and above all its psychological strength and his morality, which is even more important. I attached two links where you can find more information on these products, I hope that you confieis me, although I do not know and try, because it is worth. Is in your hands, you know how complicated it is to get something that really works.

Para Que

I will not tell my sadness to whom the cause that said long ago (not both), and is that it is complicated. We humans, at a certain age began to load the heart between the hands, no longer in the chest, strange behavior, strange place, guess is fear, charge, with both hands palms up on all sides, a shell deep red, if you noticed you well you give account that of all crackled, but still beating. Charge him as well, according to this very carefully, stupidly, we walked through streets paved and half dark with raised eyebrows and expression of one who spent a tremendous scare makes time and media, error, I think, at this point of my walk (already begins to dawn) is that we walk with busy hands and looking (misplaced) content of our hands, when should put in place and trust that therein that Bowl in the chest, can heal only, without that we are looking at it, leave it there to let free the arms, hands, fingers, but especially the gaze, the eyes the soul. Streets won’t be cobbled or obscure by bring charging the heart in the chest, by more broken and scared to be would have to devote only a peek, rapid examination of judge light, verdict: will it survive, all hearts do!, take a deep breath and get the map that would one day throw away by your hands occupied at the waist of someone. I’m saying that the problem is the my put badges with possessive people it ruins everything, we do as if we had bought us a dog and then not let us leave the House because you have to take care of it and obviously, nor leave it out, we will not lose, not a dog has been stolen who I had no fearat least not so much, always preferred to tossing the aircraft (sometimes without knowing if my parachute will open), I have always opted for the free flight to only view the landscape from above, where not I can smell it, where it could not prove it, always, when I fall to the ground, the blow hurts and I miss those smells, Yes, yours, and those flavors yes yours, curiously hit me full of two emotions alike: courage, sadness = attachment/do not understand. And then I hate you but I love you more than ever that what do I do? now? cry in silence (as often), I die in the impotence of wanting to hang you with my tenderness, drown you with my kisses, peppering you with my looks, these. And with all care, care tooodo, I approached my palms to my chest still bleeding and busco squaring the triangle to be able to fit it again, I say, if I was there!, he would have to return to fit all modes seems smaller, a little smaller but attributed that I shared this continent, Yes, not only has been yoursI’ve been delivering bits to many people, and I hope there are keeping them in any box. Is the heart as they say that it is the liver? that is regenerated? Yes was the liver? Yes it was the heart? Between hands, wet, ah yes, is that it was in the wrong place V. 13595564-8A4C-D910-BC1C-FAB708133697 1.03.

Jose Luis Perez Caminero

/ VIDEO: ATLAS new Atletico Madrid coach was introduced at the Calderon. He recalled his previous passage through the rojiblanco club without considering it a failure. You are not framework specific challenges, only increase the slat and what has been done this campaign. Gregorio Manzano, who was introduced as coach of Atletico Madrid, conveyed a message of confidence in their work, the fans said that it won’t disappoint the rojiblancos followers at this new stage in front of the team and stressed that he does not think the word failure. Just tell the fans to trust me, that I will not deceive or to defraud. This athletic will be a strong, powerful team that will try to make good football. Now begins a new idea, a renovated athletic enthusiasm, youth and players who want to be protagonists in the world of football, said the technician, accompanied by Enrique Cerezo and Jose Luis Perez Caminero, President and sporting director of the club, respectively.

Atletico is and It will be large by history and is the mirror in which we have to look at us. The present is going to be pretty. I believe in me, in my work and in my working group, continued the coach, who started a new career in the club, after first passing through the rojiblanco bench in 2003-04. I see it as a work full of life and hope, along with a young staff, excited and hungry as a whole. I don’t think anything negative, but on the contrary, in building a team to succeed. Let’s make a team competitive, balanced and that we are going to give many evenings of joy to the fans. None of pessimism, negativity or disadvantages, he added. Manzano, who recalled that his previous step by Atletico, in the 2003-04 season, was not a failure (when I arrived it had been classified in the place twelve and the team with me was seventh, reviewed) felt that currently it is not a difficult time in the club, but he sees it as a nice and interesting.

Parkinson Rigidity

Clinical manifestations As Smeltzer; Bare (2002), the illness of Parkinson presents slow and gradual evolution. The main clinical manifestations of the illness are: unilateral slow tremor; bradicinesia; difficulties to speak; alterations in the movements; rigidity of the neck, trunk and shoulders; increase in the production of saliva with risk for breathlessness and/or aspiration. The unilateral slow tremor can be of rhythmic rest, that disappears with the proposital movement of the member, becoming evident measure that walks or remains motionless more and accented when is concentrated or anxious. According to previous reference the movements of the carriers of the evil of Parkinson can be: slow (bradicinesia); slow abnormal person (hipocinesia);? freezing phenomenon? decurrent of the incapacity to carry through the active movement; they costumam to drag the feet. They present alterations in the position; writing; face expression; in the movements to blink the eyes. Another characteristic of the pathology is the rigidity of the neck. trunk and shoulders.

In the initial period of training it is common algia in the shoulder in virtue of the resistance to the slow and which had movement to the unilateral comprometimento. while the other is active and voluntary. The slowness of the movements, the rigidity and the tremor are the cardeiais signals of the evil of Parkinson, the tremor of the fingers resemble the movement to count money to it, in the advanced periods of training of the illness the carrier can present dementia and lose the autocuidado capacity of, difficulty to carry through activities of the daily life as to take bath, to change of clothes and uprising ( FREITAS, et al, 2002).

Ligament Health

Don Juan said that the old wizards knew that the human beings, considered like conglomerates of power fields, must their cohesion not to an envelope or to power ligaments, but to a vibration that maintains, at the same time, the union and the life. Don Juan explained that those wizards, thanks to their practices and their discipline, became able to handle that vibratory force, once they took total brings back to consciousness of her. The skill in that handling became so extraordinary, that their actions were transformed into legend, in facts mythological that only existed like fables. For example, one of histories that gift Juan counted on the wizards of the antiquity said that they were able to dissolve his physical mass just by to put the total of his brings back to consciousness and on its attempt in that force. Don Juan affirmed that, although was able to happen through the eye of a needle if they considered it necessary, never got to feel absolutely satisfied with the results with that maneuver of dissolution of their mass.

The reason for its displeased one was that, once the mass had been dissolved, its ability to act disappeared. Only they had left the alternative of being witnesses of facts in which it was impossible to participate to them. The consequent frustration, consequence to be disabled for the action, became, according to gift Juan, the fault would condemn that them: its obsession to discover the nature of that vibratory force, an obsession born from being concrete, caused that they wished to be able to retain and to control that force. Its fervent desire era to obtain that control from one phantasmagoric, devoid condition of physical mass. Something that, according to gift Juan, was impossible to obtain. The medical instructors of our days, cultural heirs of those wizards of the antiquity, chose, once open pie the impossibility to handle the vibratory force from a position makes specific and utilitarian, by the unique rational alternative: to take brings back to consciousness of that force without looking for another intention that the elegance and well-being that the knowledge offers. ” Like conclusion, we will have to understand to ” Nahual” like the teacher of the wizard apprentices and chamanes, the one that he will transmit to these, the lessons picked up during hundreds of generations.


According to the directives of the World-wide Organization of the Health (the WHO), the daily diet of an adolescent, who can vary according to takes a more or less active life, must be superior to the 3.500 daily calories. A diet balanced in the adolescence must contain the same proportions of nutrients that in any other stage of the life: a 60% of carbohydrates, a 25% of fats, a 14% of proteins and a 1% of vitamins and minerals. Besides balanced, the feeding of the adolescent must rich and be varied, without prohibited foods, not even those that do not have good reputation, like hamburgers, the red meats or the candies, since the key is in the moderate consumption. To educate to eat well The nutritional education also must consider the effervescence and the revolt that characterize this stage of the life. The diet does not have why to be boring and difficult to take. The most recent tendencies in nutrition flee from the tax thing and coercive. Several studies are demonstrating that the more rigid we are when the marking the dietetic norms, the less we secured the wished effects. And this is observed convincingly in the thinning regimes.

To this age they are extremely dangerous if properly they are not directed by a specialist. The nutritional imbalances not only can produce alterations in all the factors of cardiovascular risk, like elevation of the cholesterol and, very especially, appearance of obesity and diabetes, but also that can repel negatively in the mood and the appearance of nourishing upheavals. Preoccupation by the body and nourishing upheaval The adolescence is a especially vulnerable stage before all the forms of pressure and social fashions and, without a doubt, one of the predominant ones are the cult to the body and the identification of the thinness with the success in the interpersonal relations. Thus, the preoccupation by the weight and the figure are exaggerated still more in this period and in feminas. One is a worrisome combination for both more frequent nourishing upheavals: the anorexy (to refuse to eat) and bulimia (disturbed necessity to eat). The food becomes an emotional food thus.

The by ricochet total attitude or of frenetic delivery to that emotional food tries to fill or to palliate existential emptinesses, affective deficiencies, loving frustrations of all type and disappointments. These nourishing upheavals can affect the hormonal balance. In the girls it can bring about an amenorrhoea (disappearance of the menstruation) and in the boys the inhibition of sexual desire. Also complex alterations in some neuroqumicos mechanisms take place. The serotonin levels are altered, an important neurotransmitter that regulates the mood, the anxiety and the processes of compensation and satiety. Original author and source of the article.


It is clear that it does nothing run out with the crunch drifting by inertia, to obtain poor results which will be translated into some abdominal that little or nothing will be differentiated from them that they already had before exercise. Case of the abdomen, the rapidity of the results is inversely proportional to the time that we devote to isolate each muscle, visualize it, and make it work consciously, by feeling it if necessary. In this sense, it is important that we think that the abdominal wall is structured as a multidirectional girdle which not only absorb impact to protect the soft organs, but that is inserted in the back and the engine unit; So train her is not a joke, but an extremely delicate issue, because it is necessary to avoid injury when performing abdominal muscle exercises. The coveted external aspect of the linea alba with segments of the abdominal rectus muscle firm and lined up on both sides, begins to train precisely below them because it is known that the essential is invisible to the eyes-, isolating as a first exercise to the transverse abdominal muscle, that great unknown that participates in bodily functions such as breathing, and that if it is not firmly secured will get all that remains above, looks like a belly. This muscle is trained mainly containing the breathing in the maximum contraction of the abdomen. Pelvic lifts also trained him, expiring in the moment of maximum work. For the transverse abdominal muscle exercises, are important before you start with the other groups, since normally not activated when we are sitting, but when we cough, in some moments of the March to follow progress it will introducing the rest of the program, taking into account that the most advanced exercise proposed elevations of torso increasingly fewer points of support of the body on the floor. I found a program to develop an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think it is possible.