Buenos Aires

Maxi still counts: Now that it's colder so we do not get together at night, but the weekend is that we are still here. This set is especially Sunday afternoon. Furthermore Diego (25), the most serious of the group and the only one who does not work, said he was happy to have a place to not bother and annoy us and add not before were in the parking lot of McDonalds Haedo but we ended up running, there was born the idea. Alicia one of the neighbors whose house is opposite the square is also happy at night when the kids stay up late give us some reassurance, they are also quiet, does not make much noise with a smile that mixes joy with relief. The neighbors treat us well because they see that we are not lying or smoking birra faso taking only do tricks with skateboards adds Diego. And if one speaks of stunts in the group is a specialist and that's Tony. Actually Tony is not Tony is Cristian (26) and during the Dia attends the kiosk which has its mother in the center of Haedo. He owes his nickname in part to Tony Hawk, the most famous American skater in the world and considered by people as the best environment.

The other part of that nickname is because of the ease with which different makes jumps on the ramps. None of the four plays soccer and has no Play Station at home, as they say in unison prefer to stay all day to skate. None of the four officially competed, we prefer to compete us, but sometimes kids come from other places and we formed a kind of tournament is Maxi. But Tony plans to go to the KDT (Complex in the City of Buenos Aires called Kilometer Distance Time) to test the ramps that are much bigger than this. Although it sounds weird or call to attention, Maxi, Diego, John and Tony, became in his own words in the typical little band of kids with the particularity that ride skate and annoy the neighbors. a

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