And as it said previously is possible to be tracked its birth or in the childhood, but it is in the adolescence and youth in which it is pronounced or like a picture, like an upheaval. The obsessions are thoughts that systematically pronounce, and persist without the person can make nothing to avoid them, and is indeed like way to put aim to him that appears the rituals, that they would come to calm the anxiety and the suffering that these thoughts appellants when appearing produce in person, this one anxiety mitigates itself, calms with the ritual; but after this one it appears the obsessive thought again, again the ritual and thus in form systematic, and infinite. Another Mauritius patient, who left the treatment lamentably, because she could not obtain what in the first consultation I always say to them to all who suffer of TOC and is that the unique way to win to its disease is with the treatment, as systematic as they are the symptoms of his disease, so persistent she will have to be in the attendance and fulfillment of the treatment like making all the ejercitacin that learns in the doctor’s office but that soon it will have to repeat in his house, at any moment possible, because it is the unique way to defeat to his disease; since this one has been taking its life, its projects, its yearnings and aspirations, their affective and familiar manifestation so that generally, in all the cases until has not been deprived to have an own life, to train their family, to occupy the different rolls that to us the life demands to live it in total form. Because the world that him it allows to live its TOC is a private world and intimate that moves away to them, it separates to them, it inhibits to them and it takes to them to live a life that generally not even most intimate knows, but that when not counting, when not making of their suffering their close friends contributor, these even have a distorted idea and uncomprehending of the way in which they see it declares in its life, or more exactly it is not pronounced, but like it is so its suffering and it is so the energy that must put in each of its acts forced like for example its labor activity, then is also diminishing the same to the minimum expression, because when realising that tal o cual obligatory task is also fighting with its thoughts, obsessions and rituals so that these allow him to realise it, and is so the energy that puts in the frustrated attempt, that this takes to him to only realise what of no way it can avoid, as is the work.

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