The importance of the administration of supplies for the companies inhabits in the possibility? accomplished for the use of specific tools? of the managers to control the amounts of the materials in accord with the volume and frequency with that they are consumed (VIANA, 2010, p.35). The efficiency in this in case that it consists of establishing mechanisms that accomplish the control of entrances and exits of materials. The present work, therefore, consists of a study of theoretical nature on classification, description and codification of materials, that constitute important stages for a concrete management of materials. The used methodology was a developed bibliographical research from the examination of some workmanships that, even so scarce, had contributed better for one conceptualization on the thematic one. For more information see this site: Preventive Medicine Research Institute. However, amongst the definitions adopted the one here that better reflects the objectives of this work she is the elaborated one per Days, that the administration of materials defines as ‘ ‘ the grouping of materials of some origins and the coordination of this activity with the demand of products or services of empresa’ ‘ (2010, P. 12). This perspective sends to the objectives of this work, that consists of establishing with clarity the importance of these tools in the daily one of the administrators. It is necessary to emphasize the enormous scarcity of sources and the brevity demanded for the delivery, facts that had contributed for the incompletude, and in some aspects, for the inconsistency of the research. Not obstante, the work makes possible to visualize the form of the companies to use the information on its supplies to strengthen the effectiveness in the decision taking.

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