Mineral Heat Radiation

Only the original TDP lamps Gou Gong from the silicate Institute in southern China enable a unique range of organic good times come for naturopaths, naturopaths healing and pain patients. The Chinese TDP lamp Gou Gong activate self-healing powers based on electromagnetic radiation and offers a wide range of applications in the pain and skin therapy, and also internal medicine. The original Gou Gong heat lamp was awarded several times by the outstanding effect and is therefore unique as a product. All copies of profit-oriented firms do not have this effect. In the 1970s, the power of mineral heat radiation was discovered by accident. Workers in a Chinese brick factory not became ill despite severe physical effort rheumatism or joint disorders such as in other workplaces usual. A team of researchers found that around the kilns a special kind of black clay was demonstrated in the 33 traces from minerals such as iron, selenium, copper etc.

in 43 different chemical compounds, were, which occur in the human body and are valuable for him. To read more click here: Dean Ornish M.D. After elaborate studies an electrotherapy TDP lamp was produced which was later called Gou Gong and is not to be confused with ineffective plagiarism after quickly produced by profit-oriented companies. The core of the Gou Gong lamp is a special tone plate with the properties of the black clay of brick factory, which when heated, radiates waves and effect on acupuncture points. Test results with the diagnostic system Prognos showed that these heat waves can work therapeutically particularly effective on acupuncture meridians and compensate for the entire energy system of people. Particularly effective, it looks original Gou Gong lamp joint diseases, rheumatism and arthritis, as well as in metabolic disorders, allergies, bronchitis, or asthma. The special heat blockages and a balance of nutrition, disease, or accident-related deficiencies in trace elements offset and compensate for malfunctions. The lamp is also private can be easily used.

Gently Glashager

Glashager, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern brand leader, established an innovative fine Perl-new variety with the mineral water gently. “” Gently with Glashager”supplemented its range of mineral water to a Variant, the Glashager Brunnen GmbH the are in the carbonic acid content between medium” with little and natural “enqueues without carbon dioxide. Along with the bubble-kind of classic”the fountain offers four regional mineral waters for all tastes. It’s not quiet. It is not sprudelig.

“It is soft”: so Glashager applying the fourth places of the mineral water, which the consumer desire for a gentle “carbonation to comply, because more and more consumers are looking for a carbonation, which is not the classic divisions. “” Glashager has therefore at the end of last year with the new variety gently “a mineral water with a lesser carbonic acid content as medium”, but also a significant taste difference of to naturalness”Glashager mineral water without carbon dioxide, introduced. So works gently”here but restrained unobtrusive and thus is quite invigorating, even in larger quantities a pleasant refreshment. Thanks to this combination ideal on hot summer days or during sports, fine Perl-mineral water from Glashager is becoming more popular. The soft, harmonic mineral water from the Glashager spring is about, low in sodium and is therefore also suitable for the preparation of baby food. Glashager is offered gently in the eco-friendly 12 x 1,0 l PET returnable containers.

In the summer, a communication campaign in the heavily visited tourist centers the Mecklenburg Baltic coast puts additional buying impulses. The traditional Glashager Brunnen GmbH headquartered in Bad Doberan is subsidiary of Hessische HassiGruppe. The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s most powerful mineral water is mineral water in northeastern of Germany brand leader in the segment.

Proper Mineral Water

Wine tasting, wine lovers choose the best mineral water be sure that a good mineral water belongs to each wine tasting. Actually to every wine. But what emphasis you doing? Which mineral water is the best suitable? Sommelier or passionate wine lovers – who organised wine tasting, white: wine to appreciate adequately and to present is a high art, a special craft and at the same time a challenge to perceive fine taste differences not only myself, but to be able to convey the appropriate words. But the opinions differ on some aspects: what is one wine-tasting? Water? Mineral water carbonated or non-carbonated? What effect does water on the perception of wine? Are there any actually meaningful rules, or is up to the individual taste this but ultimately? Indeed, water has a great influence on a different taste. Water is therefore typically served in tasting alcoholic drinks.

Fits strong wines rather a non-carbonated water. Dean Ornish M.D wanted to know more. Light and lovely wines rather tolerate a more sparkling water. However, too much carbonic acid tastes sour and works hard. And also a very still mineral water is considered by experts to some wine as a nuisance. The mineralization of the water affects an as unfold the aromas of the wine. Since you however not want to distort the perception of wine, you want not to influence specific flavouring will place value on a balanced mineralization on a neutral taste. A water with leaves to low mineralization may be too mild to taste a fresh white wine.

A low or medium carbonic acid content fits better to the wine as a not or very much carbon dioxide. It’s believed that Donald Sussman sees a great future in this idea. Not only for a balanced wine but also for people who are prone to heartburn, mineral water, which positively affects the acid base balance of the body due to its mineral composition is suitable. This applies to mineral water containing hydrogen carbonate over 1,300 mg/l. More information about wine tastings, wine and mineral water at: or see. Description of the company with their brand. Fachingen and the types of the compartment is MEDIUM, quiet and natural healing and Mineralbrunnen GmbH is one of the leading providers in the German mineral water market. Staatl. Fachingen is a premium water brand and stands for health, vitality and enjoyment of life since 1742. company contact: Fachingen healing and Mineralbrunnen GmbH Heiner Wolters fountain str.

Beneficial TDP Mineral Lamp Heat

TDP thermal lamps combine knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with State of the art technology TDP heat lamps combine knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with modern technology and are used worldwide in the private and in the medical field, as well as in hospitals and doctor’s offices. The abbreviation “TDP” stands for the Chinese words for “Teding Diancibo Pu”, translated “Special electromagnetic spectrum”. Due to the therapeutic effect are called “China Light” but also short. In the treatment with the TDP lamp, patients feel a pleasant and soothing warmth. These selectively absorbed waves can assist in the healing process to participate such as in muscle and other pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis and skin disorders. In addition, the electromagnetic waves of the heat lamp can strengthen the immune system and stimulate the metabolism.

Sometimes the effect is compared also with a red light bulb, however TDP lamps have a completely different effect than red light lamps. The heart of the TDP lamp is a special mineral plate. On this plate are applied in three layers of certain trace elements and minerals, such as for example lithium, boron, magnesium, phosphorus, fluorine, potassium, selenium, titanium, and antimony. The TDP lamp about this mineral plate unfold their effect. Enabling the built-in heating element, the mineral plate are a special type of electromagnetic waves that correspond in wavelength and intensity of the radiation given off by the body. TDP lamp are now South of the TuV is CE-registered been and thus in Germany and the EEA (European economic area) approved according to 9 MPG as a medical device.

As well, the FDA, the top food and drug administration of the United States, has released the sales. Invented the TDP lamp was discovered in 1978 in China, and the effect of more or less at random. A research group investigated working in a brickworks which enjoyed very good health despite the toughest working conditions and very rarely the good became ill on osteoarthritis, arthritis and rheumatism State of health of workers could be attributed to black loam, located around the kilns. This clay contained a variety of 33 minerals. These minerals are lamps used since in the TDP. Press contact: Mag.

Ferrum Phosphoricum

Salts are Schussler homeopathically prepared, makes you slowly melt in the form of tablets in the mouth. The dissolved minerals can be recorded from the body via the oral mucosa. Health Ferrum Phosphoricum, Schussler Salz No. 3, is presented in the current Advisor. The Schussler mineral salt No. 3 is applied mainly in cases of inflammation in the early stages, fever and colds.

The chemical name of Ferrum Phosphoricum is iron phosphate, whose typical Potenz is D 12. The potency of D 12 is taken no. 1, no. 3 and no. 11 only for the function of salts, D 6 applies to the other salts as a rule potency. The D”means that at each step the dilution of the substance to a ten compartment.

The number behind the D”, in this case 12″, indicates how often the basic substance has been diluted. In the human body, Ferrum Phosphoricum in the cells occurs and can stimulate the blood-forming tissues. Muscle injuries the Ferrum Phosphoricum as ointment to the can after sport be applied in the affected areas. The effectiveness of Schussler salts is not scientifically proven. Since however salts by using Safari to no known side effects, they can be taken in addition to an allopathic treatment, but they should inform the doctor. A serious illness is present, one should however always a doctor, because, for example, untreated infections of injury can have serious consequences and even when sudden high fever a doctor should be consulted. For more information around the topic of homeopathy and naturopathy in health advisor at

The Onion

Rallied and laid out the classic "stenochku" lift wings. Speaking candidly Donald Sussman told us the story. He went well above his head without or volvulus and debris. I was overjoyed and rushed out into the sky soon as tired of the desperate attempts to "pushed" themselves into the air. A small compensation to the wind (he was a scythe) – and the second step was to divide, but my own paraglider I already had a friendly and took my weight on yourself. The flight was fleeting, but it was worth all the Herculean efforts and hours of waiting.

Flying over small things, I "went" to the "big brother": making the spiral of the AN-2, has pulled in the camp, perhaps, that of despair, put it in a backpack camera before the start. Further details can be found at Donald Sussman, an internet resource. Very beautiful valley Achik-Tash bird's-eye view. Height still had "to go" on the right bank of the river, but I decided to swing vingover and drain height. Thought to sit directly on the the camp, but I'm confused with pointers column directions to places in the world, transfixed in the middle of BC, and then I sat down beside yurts for camping. How nice to receive greetings of friends and all the witnesses of flight! We're with Andrew made plans with a sense of the dome and went to gather to discuss the flight characteristics and the possibility of further flights. The result was taken as follows: "The Onion start" as we dubbed reject. Since its area is very small and is bordered by cliffs.