Shapiro Wilks

Both presenting higher average values in the exercises carried through in the horizontal position (crucifixo and leg press) We also compare the average values of (SHOVELS and PAD) the (DP) of the exercise and crucifixo leg press 45, was evidenced significant difference in the average value of the SHOVELS (p = 0,014) being the average value of the SHOVELS highest in the exercise for the superior member (crucifixo). The results had pointed especially that the exercises resisted carried through in the horizontal position, when compared with the exercises carried through in the vertical position, cause significant alterations the SHOVELS and, in the superior members when compared with the inferior members. Word key: resisted exercises, cardiac frequency, arterial pressure, double product.

Abstract: This study was you identify the behavior of the double product (DP) and systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) at rest and during exercise, the exercise peck-deck, cross, leg press squat 45 and being held 10 repetitions at 75% of 1RM. (sample n = 31de male), it acts 22,5 ( 1,55 years), body weight 75,5 ( 2,2 kg), height 1,75 m ( 0,62 m) and BMI (kg/m2) 24,7 ( 1,8). We used the measures (HR) with frequency to put Polar MZ1, and (Par) used an aneroid to sphygmomanometer and stethoscope Littman (the USA). Statistical analysis was initially performed an exploratory study (skewness, kurtosis, normality test of Shapiro Wilks) dates in to order you meet the theoretical normal bends, and then the statistical parametric or nonparametric, with SPSS will be Windows, version 17.0. The results were significant differences between the mean values (SBP) (p = 0,000) and (DP) (p = 0,000) in the exercises will be to upper limbs, crucifix and peck deck. (SBP) (p = 0,071) and significant difference in the (DP) effort (p = 0,008) in the exercises will be legs, squat and leg press 45.

Psychological Whitewashing

Jamile Oak Rodrigues1 Verailza Souza santos1 Joelma de Matos Viana2 SUMMARY the plan of cares of nursing is an orientation for writing for the care of the patient, in this reflection is essential to analyze the factors that contribute in the recovery of the postoperative patient of the surgery of the breast cancer, so that the nursing team obtains to identify the actions to be supplied. This article is a bibliographical survey, had as boarding to the importance of the cares of nursing in the recovery of the customer, submitted to the surgery of the breast cancer. Here, The University of Chicago expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On account of this it is defined as objective of the study to all describe the context that if restores, with the beginning of the cancer of breast, definition of the same, causes, complications, education in health, as well as the emphasis in the elaboration of the process and the cares of nursing. WORDS KEY: Care. Recovery.

Patient. Nursing. Diagnosis. ABSTRACT: The plan of nursing care is guideline will be writing you the care of the patient, this reflection is essential you analyze the factors that contribute you recovery of the patient’ s postoperative surgery of breast cancer, only the nursing staff can identify the actions you be provided. Newcastle University spoke with conviction. This article is reference survey, was you approach the importance of nursing care in the recovery of the client, submitted you surgery of breast cancer.

A result of this objective is defined the study describe the entire context that ploughs being established, with the beginning of breast cancer, the same definition, causes, complications, health education, and the emphasis on the development of the process and care nursing. KEY WORD: Care. Recovery. Patient. Nursing. Diagnosis. *1 Nurses for the College San Francisco de Barreiras FASB.

Roberts Days

Scientists have found that feminine beauty affects her menstrual cycle. Conducted a public poll shows that both men and women believe that a woman's face looks most attractive in the most fertile days. Craig Roberts (Newcastle University) and colleagues decided to find out how women's attractiveness varies throughout the menstrual cycle to see whether it is possible for her to judge woman's fertility, says the journal Nature. Dean Ornish M.D is actively involved in the matter. By the way, the animals there are certain signs by which the females 'talk' about their fertility. For example the female chimpanzee genital area becomes swollen and pink. Filed under: Dean Ornish M.D. For the experiment, were selected about 50 women aged 19 to 33 years. Each woman was photographed twice.

In the first photo a woman was in a period most favorable for conception – after about 8-14 days after the first day of the menstrual cycle, and the second – even after 14 days. Then, 125 women and 125 men were asked to rate on a photo the woman looks more attractive. Photography in the most fertile period was selected as 51% -59% as of men and women. Scientists are still uncertain, as guided by the respondents in their assessment. Perhaps the decisive role played by color and skin condition. The fact that previously performed studies have shown that during ovulation women skin is lighter. Scientist Ian Penton-Voak of the University of Stirling His found that during ovulation women prefer men who are look manly, while during the rest of them nicer men with softer features. Men may use other indicators, such as smell, to determine the extent of fertility partner. Other Experiments show that in the days close to ovulation, a woman's face and chest become more symmetrical.

Intensive Therapy

Had to these factors I believe that let us can also take care of to the family of the patient clarifying its doubts and brightening up the anguish and the fear of the death that the familiar ones has when an interned relative its this in the UTI. The choice of the subject, humanizao to the aged one in intensive therapy, is fruit of reflections and experiences in fields of periods of training, on the way of as it is the care to the aged one in these units. Added to this it is the fact of hospitalization to represent, for many aged ones, a moment of fragility, unreliability and fear, intensified when it occurs in an environment of intensive therapy, being that the possibility of the death if makes present more for the gravity of the individuals, in this sector the routines, many times, is rigid and inflexible. These and other characteristics of the UTI make with that the cited one unit is considered one of environments estressantes of the hospital, and total different of the residential environment of the aged one (3). This work had as objective to analizar the available technological advances to keep the life in the units of intensive therapy and the humanizado care to aged and the family in a unit of intensive therapy. Alzheimer’ s disease is the most common type of mental Il METHODOLOGY This study is about a bibliographical revision, whose objective is to identify, in the literature, the difficulties faced for the health professionals, with regard to the humanizado care, in the hospital scope, specifically in culturally unknown, uncertain and frightful UTI (Unit of Intensive Therapy) local to the patients and its familiar ones. This revision also aims at to contribute for the improvement of the assistance the interned aged patient.

Winter Fairy Tale

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